Welcome to East-the-Water

On the east bank of the Torridge estuary and just five miles upstream from the open sea, lies  East-the-Water, Bidefordís eastern half. For many centuries this ancient part of Bideford remained a tiny, but influential, place. The last couple of centuries have seen dramatic changes, not least of which has been the significant increase in its size, with which has come an increasing sense of community and improvements in local amenities.

Despite its once-diminutive stature, East-the-Water has left a distinctive mark on local history, the evidence of which is visible in many of its landmarks. Whilst it's story may not be quite as rich as that west of the water, it remains fascinating in its own right and features much for which Bideford as a whole is now well known. Nor is East-the-Water's interest limited to its human history, thanks in no little part to the areaís former industry, it also has an interesting natural history.

So welcome to this East-the-Water focused compendium of local information and, the next time you find yourself in Bideford with time to spare, why not venture across the bridge and sample the view from the other side.