Correlation of census records for the period 1841-1901 – Torrington Street, Torridge Place,  Torrington Lane, Nuttaberry and Gasworks areas


Last revised 29 Dec 2016

Due to numerous changes in street layout and house numbering it can be very difficult to follow an individual property in East-the-Water back through the census records. It is often only possible once you consider the locations of families at a street level, rather than a house level, then compare this with properties on the ground and information from other sources, such as deeds, plans, and trade journals. This document is intended as a finding aid to help locate who was where and which modern properties were associated with which families. All details have been transcribed from original images, but, as it is not intended as a replacement for the full census records, only heads of families are included in this document (except where further detail is useful for correlation) and places of birth have been deliberately omitted. Genealogists and those researching their house history should consult the further details, including places of birth and details for others on the premises, that are available on the full census records. These are available via the better online genealogy services, such as Ancestry, whilst transcripts of the Bideford census records are held by Bideford Archive.

Where distinct correlations appear to exist, then these have been highlighted in colour. Where no distinct correlations tie together the dwelling sequences, then the alignments must be considered hypothetical. As further details become available it will hopefully be possible to refine these alignments.

House numbering has clearly altered on occasions, as have the street names, and their layout.

The 1901 & 1911 details are only complete for the roads nearest to the riverside (Torrington Street, Torridge Place, and the Nuttaberry/Gas Works group of cottages).

The 1901 Census lacks house numbers, so the numbers shown are the enumerators item numbers. There is also evidence that the enumerator did not work methodically in some streets, e.g. Torrington Street, making them impossible to align in this period without further evidence from third parties. Where an individual is clearly the same one mentioned on the 1891 census then they have been added in the same place as on the 1891 census. Transcription of the 1901 Census is also incomplete

Transcription of the 1891 census is incomplete and some areas, such as Railway Terrace, Railway Cottages, Grenville Terrace and Sunnyside have yet to be added.

This document is copyright R I Kirby 2016 and not to be offered for re-sale without his consent.

Torrington Street (East Side)









Sq 1. James Plunkett, 45, In [sic] Keeper [Trade directories have the Swan as Plucknett in 1839 and Pucknett in 1844]

James Plucknett, 63, Inn Keeper

Torridge Street, Elizabeth Colwill, Head, Wid, 40, Innkeeper

50 Torrington Street, John Dark, Head, Mar, 49, Inn Keeper [1878/9 White's directory gives Dark as keeper of the Swan]

27 Torrington Street "Swan Inn", Catherine Dark, Head, W, 55, Inn Keeper

50 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Catherine Dark, Head, Widr, 63, Innkeeper, neither employed or employer

EN 65 Torrington St, Alfred James Dark, head, M, 36, Tailor, worker [Listed in a 1902 Trad Directory as Inn Keeper at the Swan]

Swan Inn, 8 rooms, Alfred James Dark, Head, 46, married, Innkeeper, own a/c

Sq 2. John Buller, 60, [?] Customs with one servant

John Baller, 72, Retired Custom House Comptroller, with one servant

Torridge Street, Elizabeth A Fry, head, Wid, 37, House Proprietor

49 Torrington Street, William Pidley, Head, Married, 45, General Lab +four surnames boarding + several members of the Croker family

26 Torrington Street, William H Pedlar, Head, Mar, 55, Genl Labourer


49 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, William Henry Dark, Head, M, 35, Brewer
49 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, Charles Dunn, Head, M, 25, House Painter

EN 89 Torrington St, John Martin, Head, M,


Sq 3. Hugh Anesell, 75, Shoe m

William May, Head, Un, 31, Shoemaker, with one servant

Torridge Street, Mary Ann Colwill, Head, Un, 17, Shopkeeper

48 Torrington Street, James Phillips, Head, Mar, 41, Plumber

25 Torrington Street, James Phillips, Head, Mar, 51, Grocer


48, >4 rooms, James Phillips, Head, M, 63, Grocer, employer

EN 88 Torrington St, James Phillips, Head, Widr, 70, Grocer, Own Account

48 Torrington Street, 6 rooms, James Phillips, Head, 82, Married, Shop Keeper

Sq 4. Jane Carter, 60, Ind

Sarah Norman, Head, Mar, 28, Dressmaker

Torridge Street, Eliza Sluman, Wife (husband is Head absent at sea), Mar, 29, Sailors Wife

47 Torrington Street, Mary Ball, Head, Mar, 49, Captain's Wife (with two lodgers)

24 Torrington Street, Henry Friendship, Head, Mar, Gen'l Commission Agent


47, >4 rooms, Henry Friendship, Head, M, 70, Retired Draper

EN 87 Torrington St, Mary Shute, head, M, 30, Shoemaker Booter, worker

47 Torrington Street, 6 rooms, James Phillips Junr, Head, 45, Married, Shop Keeper Assistant [Shop Keeper struck out and annotated Grocer]

Sq 5.Wm Anesell, 30, Shoe m

Samuel Bowden, Head, Mar, 63 Lime Merchant's Labourer, with one servant (lodging)

Torridge Street, John Collier, Head, Mar, 38, Bisquit Baker & c (Master), employing 2 men and 2 boys

47 [sic] Torrington Street, Mary Ball, Head, Mar, 49, Captain's Wife (with two lodgers)

23 Torrington Street, George Doherty, Head, Unm, 43, Commercial Clerk Breway


46, >4 rooms, Oliver Sluman, Head, M, 60, Postman

EN 86 Torrington St, Oliver Sluman, head, M, 70, Postman Civ M, worker


46 Torrington Street, 7 rooms, Mary Anne Sluman, Head, 78, Widow, Housekeeper, at home

Sq 6. Edward Huphry, 70, Cooper + one servant


Torridge Street, William Hammett, Head, Mar, 31, Sail Maker (Master, employing 2 men & 4 boys)

45 Torrington Street, Henry Curry, Head, Mar, 32, Railway Guard

22 Torrington Street, Mary Weston, Head, W, 54, Annuitant


45, >4 rooms, William Sluman, Head, M, 56, Shipwright

EN 85 Torrington St, Richard J Dymond, head, M, 37, Hotel Waiter Inn, worker

45 Torrington Street, 6 rooms, James Burrow, Head, 56, Married, Signalman, Railway, Worker

Sq 7. Simon Lake, 60, Taylor


Torridge Street, James Richard, Head, Mar, 50, Culm Miner

44 Torrington Street, James Pickard, Head, Mar, 60, General Lab

21 Torrington Street, George E Jacobs, Head, Mar, 58, Master Mariner MS + Mary Rapson (sister in Law, 76)


44, >4 rooms, John Johns Backway, Head, M, 32, Carriage Smith

EN 84 Torrington St, 4 rooms, John B Branch, head, M, 28, Sailor, worker

44 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, John Williams, Head, 60, Married, General Labourer

Sq 8. Samuel Radcliffe, 60, Ag Lab





43, 4 rooms, Edward Lee, Head, M, 28, Cab Driver Groom

EN 83 Torrington St, 4 rooms, Hartwell Mitchell, head, S, 18, Hairdresser, own account

43 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, John Avery, Head, 46, Married, Mineral Water Salesman, worker

Sq 9. Richard Lukes, 30, Ag Lab + Mary Finker, 25, Ind


Torridge Street, William E Taylor, Head, Mar, 34, Culm Miner

43 Torrington Street, James Daniel Junr, Head, 30, Ship Carpenter

20 Torrington Street, James Barrow, Head, Mar, 26, Railway Porter


42, 4 rooms, William Dobbs, Head, M, 74, Retired Brewer

EN 82 Torrington St, 4 rooms, William Turner, head, M, 33, Shoemaker, own account

42 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, William Turner, Head, 43, Married, Bootmaker, own account, at home

Sq 10. Wm Stevens, 25, Engineer


Torridge Street, James Jewell, Head, Mar, 27, Sawyer






Sq 11. Wm Spearman, 39, Shipwright [on 1851]

William Spearman, Head, Mar, 49, Shipwright, Journeyman


42 Torrington Street, William Spearman, Head, Mar, 69, Shipwright

19 Torrington Street, Joseph Copp, Head, Mar, 59, Bargeman, with lodger (Colwill)


41, 4 rooms, Fanny Copp, Head, Wid, 66, with boarders Bissett, Harriss, M'Craing, Hunt

EN 81 Torrington St, 4 rooms, Jessie H Moore, Head, M, 26, Wall Mason, worker

41 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, Mary Jane Ware, Head, 74, Widow



Torridge Street, William Waters, Head, Mar, 29, Ship Builder, Master, employing 7 men

41 Torrington Street, Thomas Vandercock, Head, Mar, 32, Cordwainer





Sq 12. John Glover, 25, Gardener


Torridge Street, Thomas Hocknay, Head, Mar, 55, Barge Man

40 Torrington Street, John Metherall, Head, Mar, 53, Block Maker

18 Torrington Street, John Memesall, Head, Mar, 63, Block Maker and Boat Builder


40, >4 rooms, William Crump, Head, M, 32, Colt Trainer Groom



Sq 13. George Sloman[?], 70, Ag Lab


Torridge Street, Catherine Slocombe, Head, Wid, 52, Laundress


17 Torrington Street "Board School For Girls & Boys", Harriet Parkhouse, Head, Mar, 48, Ship Carpenter's Wife


, >4 rooms, William Parkhouse, Head, M, 58, Coal Merchant

EN 80 Torrington St, William T Grant, head, M, 53, Blacksmith, own account

Torrington Street, 6 rooms, William Thomas Grant, Head, 63, Married, Blacksmith, own account

Sq 14. John Shutt, 35, Mason

Torrington Lane, Phillip Beer, Head, Mar, 39, Culm Mining Company, Accountant

Torridge Street, Peter Steer, Head, Mar, 71, Labourer (Coal Merchant)


16 Torrington Street, Mark Bow, Head, Mar, 31, Railway Porter

25, 4 rooms, William Prust, Head, M, 44, General Labourer

EN 79 Torrington St, 4 rooms, William Prust, head, M, 53, Railway plate Packer

25 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, William Prust, Head, 63, Married, Foreman Plate Layer, worker

Sq 15. Mary Dannell, 50, Ind

Torrington Lane, Mary Dannell, Head, Widow, 62, Laundress



15 Torrington Street, William Binsey, Head, Mar, 74, Farm Labourer


24, 4 rooms, Fred'k Jas Griffis, Head, M, 27, General Labourer

EN 78 Torrington St, 4 rooms, Alfred W Prust, head, M, 29, Gas Worker, worker

24 Torrington Street, 3 rooms, Kate Florence Prust, Wife, 38, Married [Cover gives head as Mr Wm. Prust]

Torridge Place










One House Uninhabited




9 Torridge Terrace, unoccupied

EN 150, Torridge Place, Robert Kivell, head, m, 67, Retired Bargeman, worker

9 Torridge Place, 4 rooms, Robert Kivell, Head, 70, Married, Retired Bargeman

Sq 16. Richard Longmead, 75, Shoe M  [on 1851]

Torrington Lane, Richard Longmead, Head, Mar, 83, a Pauper (Shoe Maker)




8 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, Mark Bow, Head, Married, 41, Railway Signalman

EN 151, Torridge Place, Mark Bow, Head, M, 51, Railway Signalman, worker

8 Torridge Place, 6 rooms, Elizabeth Bow, Head, 56, Widow, Housekeeper, Own Account, at home

Sq 17. 1 unoccupied house

Torrington Lane, Head, Mar, 34, George E Parkin, Boat Builder (Master)

Torridge Street, Bryant Ching, Head, Mar, 47, Potter (Master employing 6 men & 3 boys), with John Dark (father in law)



7 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, William J Copp, married, 28, Mason

EN 152, Torridge Place, William J Copp, head, M, 38, Mason

7 Torridge Place, 7 rooms, Susan Jane Herniman, 61, Widow, House Keeper, own account, at home1 ()






6 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, John Mills, Head, married, 37, Blacksmith

EN 153, Torridge Place, John Mills, Head, M, 48, Blacksmith, own account

6 Torridge Place "St Mawes", 6 rooms, John Herbert Short, Head, 32, Married, Accountant, Timber Merchant, worker






5 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, William Kivell, Head, Married, 35, Bargeman

EN 154, Torridge Place, William Hy Kivell, head, M, 45, Bargeman

5 Torridge Place, 7 rooms, William Henry Kivell, Head, 56, Married, Bargeman, Employer






4 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, unoccupied

EN 155, Torridge Place, Frederick Gaffita, Head, M, 39, General Labourer, worker

4 Torridge Place, 5 rooms, Alfred Kevan, Head, 45, Married, Timber Haulier, Worker






3 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, Robert Herniman, Head, Married, 33, Coach Builder

EN 156, Torridge Place, Robert Herniman, head, M, 45, Carriage Builder, own account

3 Torridge Place, 5 rooms, John Colwill, Head, 50, Married, Store Manager, General Merchant






2 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, John Easlow, Head, Married, 43, Engine Driver

EN 157, Torridge Place, John Easton, head, M, 53, Electric Engine Driver, worker

2 Torridge Place, 6 rooms, John Easton, Head, 63, Married, Driver of Stationary Engine, worker






1 Torridge Terrace, >4 rooms, William Phear, Head, Married, Carrier

EN 158, Torridge Place, William Phear, Head, M, 64, Carrier, own account

1 Torridge Place, 6 rooms, Sidney Bow, Head, 29, Married, Carrier (General), own account, at home

Nuttaberry and Gasworks area














Steam Saw Mill








Carriage Works



Sq 18. Eliza Heade, 25, Ind

Torrington Lane, (Nuttaberry) John Cole, Head, Mar, 34, Mariner




1 Hackwalls Cottage,, Robert Saunders, Head, married, 63, Labourer

EN 162, Hows Cottages, Elizabeth Ann Sanders, head, Wid, 53, Laundress, own account

How Cottages, 4 rooms, William Mills, Head, 34, Married, Grocers Carter, worker

Sq 19. Anthony Lake, 45, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, (Nuttaberry) John Passmore, Head, Mar, 30, Barge Man

Nuttaberry, John Passmore, Head, Mar, 38, Ag Lab



2 Hackwalls Cottage,, William Barwell, Head, Widower, 41, Labourer

EN 163, 2 Hows Cottages, William Burnett, Head, Mar, 49, Stationary Engine Driver, worker

How Cottages, 6 rooms, William Burnett, Head, 60, Married, Engine Driver of Stationary Engine, worker

Sq 20. One unoccupied


Nuttaberry, Thomas Johns, Head, Mar, 46, Culm Miner



3 Hackwells Cottage,, William Heane, Head, Married, 49, Labourer

EN 164, 3 Hows Cottages, William Hearn, Head, Mar, 58, General Labourer, worker

How Cottages, 5 rooms, William Hearn, Husband, 67, Married, District Council Labourer, District Council, Worker

Sq 21. John Crocker, 40, Boat Builder

Torrington Lane (Nuttaberry), John Richards, Head, Mar, 33, Lime Merchant's Labourer


1 Nuttaberry, John Richerds, Head, Mar, 56, Limeburner

1 Nuttaberry, John Richards, Head, Mar, 65, Lime Burner


1 Nuttaberry Cottage,4,Samuel Lilleyjohns, Head, Married, 38, Lime Burner

EN 159, Gas Cottages, 4 rooms, Samuel Littlejohn, Head, M, 46, Horseman on Farm, worker

The Gas Works, 4 rooms, Samuel Littlejohns, Head, 57, Married, labourer Gas Works, worker

Sq 22. James Pedler, 15, Ap


Nuttaberry, Alfred Palmer, Head, Mar, 48, Road Contractor

2 Nuttaberry, Frederick Jas Francis Slufer, Head, Mar, 31, Miner


2 Nuttaberry, William Hearn, Head, Mar, 38, Road Labourer


2 Nuttaberry Cottage, 4, John Paddow, Head, Married, 28, Labourer

EN 160, Gas Cottages, 4 Rooms, James Paddon, Head, M, 32, General Labourer, worker

Gas Cottages, 4 rooms, James Paddon, Head, 44, Widower, Gas Works Labourer, Worker

Sq 23. Henry Slocombe, 35, Gasman

Torrington Lane, (Nuttaberry) Henry Hocombe, Head, Mar, 48, Gas Engineer

Gas Works, Henry Slocombe, Head, Mar, 56, Gas Stoker

3 Nuttaberry, Elizabeth Slocombe, Head, W, 69, (Invalid), with Charles Webb, lodger & William Welland, lodger






Sq 24. George Slumans, 30, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, (Nuttaberry) Thomas Williams, Head, Mar, 29, Gas Fitter & Plumber

Gas Works, Thomas Williams, Head, Mar, 39, Gas Fitter

4 Nuttaberry, Thomas Williams, Head, Mar, 49, Gas Fitter


Gas House, Thomas Williams, Head, Mar, 59, Manager of Gas Works

Gas Work Cottage, Fredrick Fulford, Head, Married, 30, Manager Gas Works

EN 161, Gas Cottages, >4 rooms, Frederick Fulford, Head, M, 40, Gas Works Manager, worker

Nuttaberry House, 8 rooms, Frederick Fulford, Head, 50, Married, Manager of Gas Works






Bideford Gas Works





Kennel Court, John Arnold, Head 56, Sawyer + James Blight, Head, Mar, 70, Ag Lab








Kennel Court, John Heal, Head, Mar, 36, Ag Lab











Store & Stables



Torridge Street

Details for 1901 & 1911 yet to be added









Charles Broke, 70,  Smyth

Torrington Lane, Samuel Galliver, Head, Mar, 44, Blacksmith. employing 2 men

(Richard Essery, 42, & John Lake, 26, as Lodgers)

Torrington Road, Catherine Mannins, Wife, Mar, 52, Maltster Wife (husband away on business)

39 Torrington St, William Southwood, Head, Mar, 66, Labourer (General)

20 Torridge Street, Mary May, Head, W, 56, Washer Woman

20 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, William Copp, Head, Mar, 43, Shipwright



1 unoccupied


Torrington Road, William Frost [or Freal], Head, Mar, 69, Potter

38 Torrington St, Mary Pallisster, Head, W, 64, Formerly Upholstress

19 Torridge Street, Elizabeth Isaac, W, 60, Formerly Domestic Gen'l Serv't


19 Torridge Street, 3 rooms, William Taylor, Head, Marriage, 23, Labourer





Torrington Road, Richard Lake, Head, Mar, 57, Engine Driver Culm Mine

37 Torrington St, Robert Bowden, Head, Mar, 47, Labourer + Robert Tithescott, Lodger, Unm, 25, Mason

18 Torridge Street, Harvey Newcombe, Head, Mar, Scavenger


18 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, William Hancock, Head, Widower, 60, Labourer



John White, 40, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Peter Steer, Head, Mar, 52, Agricultural Labourer (with lodgers with surnames Kivell, Paddon, and Prance)

Torrington Road, Thomas Bucknay, Head, Mar, 24, Shipwright

36 Torrington St, Frances Squire, Head, Mar, 34, Stone Merchant

17 Torridge Street, Jane Evans, Head, Unm, 34, Washerwoman


17 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, Frederick Bluehouse, Head, Married, 24, Mason



Sq 64a . Bryant Ching, 25, potter

Torrington Lane, James Truman, Head, Mar, 43, Culm Miner

Torrington Road, Elizabeth Shute, Head, Und, 56, Laundress + Elizabet Hatter, Daur, Mar, 31, Laundress

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

16 Torridge Street, William H Copp, Head, Mar, 33, Bargeman


16 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, John Shortridge, Head, Married, 75, Labourer



Sq 64. Mary Powell, 40, School Mistress

Torrington Lane, Grace Lewis, Head, Widow, 65, Schoolmistress

Torrington Road, Susan Coly, Head, Un, 51, Laundress

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

15 Torridge Street, William Halls, Head, Mar, 23, Shipwright


15 Torridge Street, 3 rooms, William Halls, Head, Married, 36, Shipwright




Torrington Lane, Edward Colley, Head, Widr, 75, a Pauper (Labourer)

Torrington Road, Thomas Kievrell, Head, Mar, Ag. Lab.

One of the 26-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

14 Torridge Street, Edward Hooper, Head, Mar, 38, Gen'l Labourer


14 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, John Williams, Head, Married, 36, Labourer




Torrington Lane, Thomas Evans, Head, Mar, 28, Blacksmith (Journeyman)

Torrington Road, John Hartins, Head, Mar, 21, Quay Porter

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

13 Torridge Street, William Copp, Head, Mar, 65, Farm Labourer


13 Torridge Street, 3 rooms, William Copp, Head, Married, 77, Labourer



Sq 63. William Wackley, 30, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, William Wakeley, Head, Mar, 39, Ship Porter



12 Torridge Street, Robert Sanders, Head, Mar, 42, Gen'l Labourer


12 Torridge Street, >4 rooms, Nicholas Mountjoy, Head, Married, 35, Gas Stoker



Sq 62. Ann Babb, 55, Ind

Torrington Lane, John Wakely, Head, Mar, 67, Quarryman

Torrington Road, John Makely, Head, Widr, 74, Quarry Man

One of the 26-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

11 Torridge Street, Thomas Folland, Head, Mar, 73, Gen'l Labourer


11 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, Henry Slee, Head, Married, 28, Gas Fitter



Sq 61. Robert Bier, Ag Lab


Torrington Road, Richard H Futtock, Head, Mar, 20, Ship Smith

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

10 Torridge Street, William H Copp, Head, Mar, 40 Sawyer


10 Torridge Street, >4 rooms, Henry Copp, Head, Married, 30, Sawyer



Sq 60. George Paddon, 55. Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Samuel Paddon, Head, Mar, 26, Agricultural Labourer

William Copp, Head, Mar, 46, Ag Lab

26 Torrington St, William Copp, Head, Mar, 60, Labourer (Genral)

9 Torridge Street, Samuel Shortridge, Head, Mar, 33, Potter's Apprentice


9 Torridge Street, >4 rooms, Thomas Isaac, Head, Married, 44, Sailmaker



Sq 59. Gideon Pearse, 30, Fish Monger

Torrington Lane, John White, Head, Mar, 57, Agricultural Labourer

John White, Head, Mar, 60, Quay Porter

25 Torrington St, James Spearman, Head, Mar, 25, Railway Engineer Fireman

8 Torridge Street, John Isaac, Head, Mar, 48, Shoemaker


8 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, Samuel Shortridge, Head, Married, 39, Labourer



Sq 58. William Leakes, 45, Ag Lab

1 house uninhabited



7 Torridge Street, James Backway, Head, Widr, $8, Ship's Carpenter


7 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, Thomas Backway, Head, Widower, 39, Shipwright



Sq 57. 1 house uninhabited








Sq 56. William Cock, 35, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Thomas Johns, Head, Mar, 37, Culm Miner

George Isaac, Head, Mar, 56, Cordwainer + Andrew Harvey, Head, Mar, 68, Ag Lab

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

6 Torridge Street, William Shortridge, Head, Mar, 35, Ag. Labourer


6 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, William Shortridge, Head, Married, 41, Labourer




Sq. 55. William Gabriel, 40, Shoe m

Torrington Lane, John Williams, Head, Mar, 35, General Labourer

John Williams, Head, Mar, 45, Ag Lab

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

5 Torridge Street, James Bartlett, Head, Mar, 37, Railway Labourer


5 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, Elyabeth Bennett, Head, Widow, 30, Living on her own means



Sq 54a. Mary King, 20, Ind

Torrington Lane, William Redcliffe, Head, Mar, 50, Bargeman

William Redcliff, Head, Mar, 60, Ag Lab + James Rorke, Head, Mar, 27, Mason

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

4 Torridge Street, Frederick Friendship, Head, Mar, 42, Railway Parcelman


4 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, Frederick Friendship, Head, Married, 58, Labourer



Sq 54. Ann Adams, 55, Ind


Elizabeth Cole, Wife, Mar, 45, Laundress (Head at sea)

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

3 Torridge Street, William Blackmore, Head, Mar, 62, Gen'l Labourer


3 Torridge Street, 4 rooms, William Blackmor, Head, Married, 69, Labourer



Sq 53. John Mountjoy, 30, Taylor


William Passmore, Head, Mar, 28, Potter

One of the 27-35 Torrington Street gap on this census?

2 Torridge Street, William Sharley, Head, Mar, 29, Railway Labourer

2 Torridge Street, 3 rooms, Charles Hooper, Head, Married, 26, Bargeman



Sq 52. Alfred Palmer, 25, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Edward Griffey, Head, Mar, 55, Agricultural Labourer



1 Torridge Street, Edward Pedlar, Head, Mar, 60, Gen'l Labourer


1 Torridge Street, >4 rooms, Edward Pedler, Head, Married, 70, Labourer



Railway Terrace

Details for 1901 & 1911 yet to be added









Sq 53. John Piper, 60, Shipwright

1 House uninhabited

William Redcliff, Head, Mar, 28, Ship Smith

38 Torrington Lane, Eliza Arnold, Head, W, 75, Sawyer's Wife

38 Torrington Lane, Philip Paddon, Head, Mar, 46, Gen'l Labourer

4 Railway Place, 3 rooms, Rodger Edgecombe, Head, Widower, 73, Labourer




Torrington Lane, Robert Lake, Head, Mar, above 35, Barge Man

Richard Lake, Head, Mar, 53, Barge Man

37 Torrington Lane, Phillip Paddon, Head, Mar, Labourer (General)

37 Torrington Lane, Elizabeth Jeffrey, Head, Mar, 26, Shipwright's Wife


3 Railway Place, 3 rooms, Lucy Shortridge, Head, Widowr, 47, Living on own means




Torrington Lane, William Southwood, Head, Mar, 42, General Labourer


36 Torrington Lane, unoccupied

36 Torrington Lane, Thomas Spearman, Head, Mar, 43, Gen'l Labourer

2 Railway Place, >4 rooms, Thomas Spearman, Head, married, 54, Labourer




Torrington Lane, Jacob Lane, Head, Mar, 23, General Labourer

William Folley, Head, Mar, 24, Groom

35 Torrington Lane, John Tucker, Head, Mar, Platelayer (Railway)

35 Torrington Lane, Nicholas Mountjoy, Head, Mar, 63, Blacksmith

1 Railway Place, 4 rooms, George H Mountjoy, Head, Widower, 33, Smith



Torrington Lane









Sq 42. Charles Lee, 20, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Thomas Passmore, Head, Mar, 30, Agricultural Labourer

Thomas Evans, Head, Mar, 41, Blacksmith

34 Torrington Lane, Joseph Sewell, Head, Mar, 49, Coal Merchant

34 Torrington Lane, Joseph Jewell, Head, Mar, 59, Market Gardner


35 Torrington Lane,, George Blackmore, Head, Married, 32, Tailor



Sq 43. William Hopgood, 25, Ag Lab

1 house uninhabited







Sq 44. James Turner, 25, Smyth + Grace Dark, 45, Glover etc

Torrington Lane, Mary Dennis, Head, Mar, 63, Charwoman

Mary Short, Wife (husband elsewhere), Mar, 63, Lab Wife

33 Torrington Lane, John Woodman Wale, Head, Mar, 27, Railway Porter

33 Torrington Lane, William H Jordan, Head, 29, Painter

34 Torrington Lane,4, Frank Jones, Head, Married, 39, Quarry Worker



Sq. 45. William Eastman, 45, Ind

Torrington Lane, Harriet Elliot, Head, Mar, 26, Dressmaker

Robert B Hare, Head, Mar, 25, Boot & Shoe Maker

32 Torrington Lane, John Spear, Head, Widr, 39, Chimney Sweep


32 Torrington Lane, James Paddon, head, Mar, 60, Gen'l Labourer


33 Torrington Lane,4, Mary A Paddow, Head, Single, 52, Dressmaker



Sq 46. William Lake, 45, Publican [1844 Post office directory has William Lake at the Sailor's Arms]

Torrington Lane, Sailor's Arms Inn, Elizabeth Colwill, Head, Mar, 30, Innkeeper

Torrington Road, "Sailors Arms" William Shute, Head, 36, Accountant in a Brewery & Inn Keeper

31 Torrington Lane, William Binsay, Head, Mar, 63, Dairyman


31 Torrington Lane, Robert Kivell, Head, 47, Innkeeper & Bread Baker (with Elizabeth Colwill, mother in law, W, 60, former Inn Keeper)

30, 31, 32 Torrington Lane,, Richard Kivell, Head, Married, 68, Bread baker, employer




Torrington Lane, Eliza Ching, Widow, 39, Partner with a Master Potter, employing 9 men

William Carter, Head, Mar, 50, Sawyer

30 Torrington Lane, William Curtis, Head, Mar, 59, Sawyer

30 Torrington Lane, William Curtis, Head, Mar, 69, Agricultural Labourer





Sq 47. Robert Brown, 60, Shipwright



29 Torrington Lane, James Short, Head, Mar, 43, mason


29 Torrington Lane, James Short, Head, Mar, 50, Mason


29 Torrington Lane,, James Short, Head, Married, 62, Mason, employer



Sq 48. Abraham Karbary, 30, Baker



James Plucknett, Head, Mar, 76, Formerly Innkeeper (now retired) + Mary Buckney, Head, Wid, 50, Laundress

28a Torrington Lane, Thomas Spearman, Head, Mar, 23, Labourer





Sq 49. John Kivell, 40, Ag Lab


John Jones, Head, Mar, 57, Game Keeper

28 Torrington Lane, Thomas Evans, Head, Mar, 57, Blacksmith + Susan Colley, Lodger + Henry White, Lodger

28 Torrington Lane, Thomas Evans, Head, Mar, 62, Blacksmith

28 Torrington Lane,4, Thomas, Evans, Head, Married, 71, Hawker



Sq 50. James Luris [or possibly Limes?], 55, Potter


James Redcliff, Head, Mar, 28, Potter

27 Torrington Lane, James Redcliffe, Head, Mar, 37, Potter

27 Torrington Lane, William Short, Head, Mar, 24, Mason

27 Torrington Lane,4, Lucy Maine, Wife, Married, 47








7 Industrial Place, 4 rooms, Harriet Yea, Head, Married, 30, Labourer








6 Industrial Place, 4 rooms, Charles Paddon, Head, Married, 33, Mason








5 Industrial Place, 4 rooms, Bartholomew Johns, Head, Married, 36, Plumber








4 Industrial Place, >4 rooms, Robert Dymond, Head, Married, 39, Shoemaker



Sq 41. Robert Lake, 30, Mariner

Torrington Lane, William Blake, Mar, 32, Butcher (Master)

Richard Pickard, Head, Mar, 38, Shipwright

[This gap later developed as Torridge Mount????]

1 Torridge Mound [sic], Henry Phillips, Head, Mar, 46, Eartherware Manufacturer employing 4 men and 4 boys

3 Industrial Place, >4 rooms, Henry Phillips, Head, Married, 55, Potter



Sq 40. Nickolas Mountjoy [or Mambery?], Smyth

Torrington Lane, John Jones, Mar, 55, Bargeman, employing 1 man

Unoccupied house

[This gap later developed as Torridge Mount????]

2 Torridge Mound [sic], James Redcliffe, Head, Mar, 47, Master Potter


2 Industrial Place, >4 rooms, James Redcliffe, Head, Married, 57, Potter


(A. E. Symons in 1898)2

Sq 39. Sam'l Dannell, 30, Sawyer


Unoccupied house

[This gap later developed as Torridge Mount????]

3 Torridge Mound [sic], John Backway, Head, Mar, 57, Master Potter

1 Industrial Place, >4 rooms, John Backway, Head, Married, 60, Potter earthenware




Sq 38. John Jones, 35, Ag Lab



William H Copp, Head, Mar, 21, Sawyer








Torrington Lane, George Paddon, Head, Mar, 62, a Pauper (Potter) + a lodger [family includes a son William Paddon, U, 18, Culm Miner]

William Puddon, Head, Mar, 28, Culm Miner

26 Torrington Lane, William Paddon, head, Mar, 38, Labourer (General)

26 Torrington Lane, William Paddon, Head, Mar, 48, Gen'l Labourer


26 Torrington Lane,4, Mary Paddow, Head, Widower, 59, Laundress






25a Torrington Lane, William Copp, Head, Mar, 23, Ship Carpenter

25a Torrington Lane, Mary Backway, Head, W, 71, Needlewoman, with one servant





Torrington Lane, Bryant Ching, Head, Mar, 37, Coal Merchant & Potter, employing 9 men


25 Torrington Lane, Caroline Slocombe, Head, W, 64, Formerly Laundress

25 Torrington Lane, Ellen Emery, Head, Mar, 26, Hawker

25 Torrington Lane,2, Frederick, Ebsurnlby, Head, Married, 30, Gas Stoker



Sq 37. Thom Johns, 25, Ag Lab


Torrington Lane, William Backway, Heas, Mar, 28, Sawyer, employing 1 man


24 Torrington Lane, Robert Kivell, Head, Mar, 43, Bargeman

24 Torrington Lane, Robert Kivell, Head, Widr, 52, Coal Dealer

24 Torrington Lane,4, Charles Shortridge, Head, Married, 37, Bargeman



Sq 36. Mary Maulton, 35 + John Maulton, 14, Sailor

Torrington Lane, Richard Nauce[?] Kivell, Head, Mar, 44, General Labourer


23 Torrington Lane, unoccupied

23 Torrington Lane, James Eastman, Head, Mar, 35, Gas Stoker

23 Torrington Lane,, James Eastmond, Head, Married, 46, Gas Stoker



Sq 35. Bartholomew Pollard [or  Pullman,] 35, Ag Lab


Torrington Lane, George Pugsley [or Paseley, i.e Paisley], Head, Mar, 42, Fish Monger

George Hancock, Head, Un, 24, Culm Miner

22 Torrington Lane, George Hancock, Head, Mar, 35, Coal Miner

22 Torrington Lane, Elizabeth Hancock, Head, W, 48, Char woman


22 Torrington Lane,3, Charllot Milldatt, Head, married, 23, Labourer



Sq 34. William Westcoll, 30, Ag Lab

1 house uninhabited

John Greenoff, Head, Mar, 22, Boot Maker






Sq 33. ohn Palmer, Miner

Torrington Lane, William Hancock, Head Mar, 42, Shoemaker (Journeyman)

Robert Kivell, Head, Mar, 32, Ship wright

21 Torrington Lane, William Hancock, Head, Mar, 62, Saddler

21 Torrington Lane, William Hancock, Head, Mar, 74, Gen'l Labourer


21 Torrington Lane,4, Mary Hancock, Head, Widow, 85



Sq 31. Edw'd Guffey, 40, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, William Copp, Head, Mar, 42, Agricultural Labourer [family includes son Samuel Copp, 3]

William Copp, Head, Mar, 46, Ag Lab

20 Torrington Lane, Elizabeth Lake, Head, W, 64, Formerly Laundress

20 Torrington Lane, Elizabeth Lake, Head, W, 74, In receipt of Parish pay


20 Torrington Lane,4, Ann Lake, Head, Single, 55, Laundress



Sq 30. James Mochard, 45, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Susan Endle, Head, widow, 77, landed propriotor (with lodger)


19 Torrington Lane, Ann Daniel, Head, Mar, 64, Sawyer's Wife

19 Torrington Lane, William Backway, Head Mar, 25, Stone Cutter


19 Torrington Lane,4, Mary Short, Wife, Married, 33



Elizabeth Bartlett, 25, Baker
Sq 29a. Wm Southwood, 75, Ind
Sq 29b. Sam'l Bartlett, 50, Potter

Torrington Lane, Thomas Bartlett, Head, Mar, 34, Druggist's Porter


18 Torrington Lane, Samuel Copp, Head, , Un, 23, Railway Labourer + John Ward, Boarder

18 Torrington Lane, Faith Mock, Head, W, 55, Gen'l Shopkeeper


18 Torrington Lane,4, Faith Mock, Head, Widow, 55, Grocer



Sq 28 Edw Pothercok, 55, potter

Torrington Lane, William Bartholomew, Head, Mar, 26, Agricultural Labourer

Elizabeth Shortridge, Head, Wid, 38, Farm Workwoman

17 Torrington Lane, James Passmore, Head, Mar, 39, Sawyer


17 Torrington Lane, Mary Butler, Head, Mar, 28, Sailor's Wife


17 Torrington Lane,4, John Bukler, Head, Married, 42, Bargeman



Sq 27. Ann Deton, 50, Ind + Richard Clutterbuck, 15, Ind and two servants [High status occupant]

Torrington Lane, Richard Lukes, Head, Mar, 42, Culm Mine Engineer [High status occupant]







Sq 26. George Passmore, 50, Ag Lab + Mary Bird, 15

Torrington Lane, Elizabeth Thorne, Head, Mar, 27, Smith's Wife







Sq 25. John Cox, 30, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Alfred Palmer, Head, Mar, 38, Bark [or Bank] & Rail Labourer







Sq 76. William Pickard, 50, Ag Lab


Torrington Lane, (Toll Gate) Thomas Bishop, Head, Mar, 28, Road Labourer

William Pickard, Head, Mar, 74, Ag Lab

16 Torrington Lane, William Copp, Head, Mar, 40, Labourer (General)


16 Torrington Lane, William Copp, Head, Mar, 60, Gen'l Labourer


16 Torrington Lane,4, William Copp, Head, Married, 64, Labourer




Torrington Lane, Samuel Bartlett, Head, Widr, 69, Potter (Journeyman)

John Mills, Head, Mar, 58, Retired Farmer (with his father Edward who is 84 and also a retired farmer)

15 Torrington Lane, Thomas Shutt, Head, Mar, 33, Shipwright

15 Torrington Lane, John Williams, Head, Mar, 30, Farm Labourer


15 Torrington Lane,4, John Williams, Head, Married, 39, Gas Stoker



Sq 66. Thomas Mock, 30, Stone Sawyer

Torrington Lane, Thomas Mock, Head, Mar, 40, Stone Mason's Labourer

Torrington Road, Toll Houses, Thomas Mock, Head, Mar, 48, Stone Sawyer + Mary, his wife, Toll Collector

14 Torrington Lane, Thomas Mock, Head, Mar, 59, Stone Cutter

14 Torrington Lane, John Shortridge, Head, Mar, 29, Ag. Labourer

14 Torrington Lane,, John Shortridge, Head, married, 40, Bargeman



Sq 67. Samuel Ching, 25, PotterSq 68. John Lethbridge, 75, Gardner


Torrington Road, William Greenslade, Head, Mar, 36, Ag Lab

13 William Redcliffe, Head, Mar, 70, Parcesle (Labourer)

13 Torrington Lane, Henry Pellow, Head, Mar, 50, Travelling Hawker

13 Torrington Lane,2, William Gibbens, Head, Married, 89, Living on his own means



Sq 73. Alexander Rook, 70, Smyth


Torrington Road, Richard Essery, Head, Mar, 52, Blacksmith + George Paddon, boarder, mar, 31, Sawyer

12 Torrington Lane, Roger Edgecombe, Head, Mar, 52, Farm Labourer

12 Torrington Lane, Robert Edgecombe, Head, Mar, 63, Gen'l Labourer


12 Torrington Lane,4, John J Arnold, Head, Married, 21, Labourer




Torrington Lane, 1 house uninhabited

Torrington Road, 1 unoccupied house

11 Torrington Lane, Mary Backway, Head, W, 61, Charwoman

11 Torrington Lane, Robert Dymond, Head, Mar, 29, Boot Maker

11 Torrington Lane,4, Henry Pellow, Head, Widower, 55, Hawker



Sq 72. 1 unoccupied

Torrington Lane, William Gibbins, Head, Mar, 42, Lodging house Keeper3 + several visitors

Torrington Road, William Gibbings, Head, Un, 57, Marine Store Dealer, + one servant

10 Torrington Lane, William Gibbings, Head, Mar, 70, Marine Store Dealer + George Carter, Lodger, + Henry Barrett, Lodger, + Philip Reasdon, Lodger + Richard Buckley, Lodger

10 Torrington Lane, William Gibbens, Head, Mar, 78, Dealer in Marine Stores, his wife a lodging house keeper, with several lodgers Schreder, Downie, Price, Chook, Barnes, Nicholls, Game)

10 Torrington Lane,, George Eanery, Head, Married, 36, Hawker



Sq 71. Joshua Lake, 35, Boatman

Torrington Lane, Joshua Lake, Head, Mar, 48, Barge Man employing 1 man [with wife Elizabeth Lake, 44]

Torrington Road, Elizabeth Lake, Head, Wid, 52, Charwoman

9 Torrington Lane, Samuel Paddon, Head, Mar, 43, Labourer (General)

9 Torrington Lane, Catherine Glover, Head, Mar, 29, Mariner's wife (with Ann Paddon, mother, and two boarders, both Paddon)

9 Torrington Lane,, William Glover, Head, Married, 40, Mariner



Sq 69. Christopher Adams, above 20, [occupation blank]

Torrington Lane, Christopher Adams, Head, Mar, 38, Agricultural Labourer

Torrington Road, Christopher Adams, Head, Mar, 48, Ag Lab

8 Torrington Lane, John Blight, Head, Mar, 55, Labourer (Farm)

8 Torrington Lane, John Welsh, Head, Mar, 32, Paint Miner


8 Torrington Lane,4, Thomas Prust, Head, widower, 69, Labourer





Torrington Road, Thomas Prust, Head, Mar, 39, Railway Plate Layers Lab

7 Torrington Lane, Thomas Prust, Head, Mar, 49, Labourer (General), with 4 lodgers

7 Torrington Lane, Henry Johns, Head, Mar, 29, Plate Layer on Railway


7 Torrington Lane,4, Henry Johns, Head, Married, 39, Labourer



Sq 70. Wm Backway, 40. Sawyer.

Torrington Lane, William Backway, Head, Mar, 50, Sawyer, employing 1 man [with son John, 21, cordwainer (ap)]

Torrington Road, John Backway, Head, Mar, 30, Potter

6 Torrington Lane, John Backway, Head, Mar, 41, Potter ( employing 2 men & 3 boys)

6 Torrington Lane, Mary A Paddon, Head, Mar, 46, Dressmaker


6 Torrington Lane,4, Jesse Shortridge, Head, Married, 29, Post Boy





Torrington Road, Samuel Dennis, Head, Mar, 59, Quarry Man

5 Torrington Lane, Richard Docking, Head, Mar, 34 Lathmaker

5 Torrington Lane, Maria Jeffrey, Head, Mar, 67, Mason's wife (boarder Hopgood)


5 Torrington Lane,4, Maria Jeffry, Head, married, 76, Living on her own means





Torrington Road, Joseph Austin, Head, Mar, 42, Lime Burner & Grocer

4, Torrington Lane, Joseph Austin, Head, Mar, 57, Limeburner

4 Torrington Lane, Joseph Austin, Head, Mar, 62, Lime Burner

4 Torrington Lane,, Jane Austin, Head, widow, 75, Grocer, employer







3a Torrington Lane, Alice Mitchell, Head, Married, 29, Wife of Porter




Sq 74. Ann Cheakety[?], 70, Ind

Torrington Lane, Richard Thorne, Head, Mar, 34, Shipwright (Journeyman), with sister in law Rooke, + one servant

Torrington Road, George Harper, Head, Mar, 52, Lime Burner

3, Torrington Lane, James Snell, Head, Mar, 40, Gardner

3 Torrington Lane, John Shortridge, Head, Mar, 39, Mariner MS

3 Torrington Lane, Torrington Stores & etc



Sq 75. Thomas Essery, 80, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Thomas Newcombe, Head, Mar, 24, Sawyer

Torrington Road, William Lake, Head, Mar, 65, Proprietor of Houses

[Destroyed when railway constructed?]






Sq 76. William Pickard, 50, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, William Pickard, Head, Mar, 65, Agricultural Labourer

Torrington Road, John Scott, Head, Mar, 32, Culm Miner + John Usher, Lodger, Un, 19, Culm Miner

[Destroyed when railway constructed?]






Sq 77. Rich'd Essry, 30, Ag Lab








John Cox, 30, Ag Lab








George Passmore, 50, Ag Lab + Mary Bird, 15

Torrington Lane, William Bird, Head, Mar, 37, Agricultural Labourer

Torrington Road, Grace Petherick, Head, Wid, 58, Proprietor of Houses

[Destroyed when railway constructed?]





Ann Deton, 50, Ind + Richard Clutterbuck, 15, Ind and two servants

Torrington Lane, George Harvey, Head, Mar, 41, Ag Labourer

Torrington Road, George Harvey, Head, Mar, 53, Grocer & Shipbuilders Lab

[Destroyed when railway constructed?]


2 Torrington Lane,, John Elliot, Head, Married, 66, Mason



Edwd Pothercok, 55, Potter

Edward Petherick, Head, Mar, 64, Retired Potter [with wife Grace Petherick, 48]


[Destroyed when railway constructed?]


1 Torrington Lane,4, John Bailey, Head, Married, 34, Porter L. S. W. Railway



Torrington Street (East side)









Sq 78. East-the-Water, Thomas Lile, 60 Sawyer

Torrington Lane, Blacksmith's Arms, Thomas Lile, Inn Keeper

Torridge Street, John Passmore, Head, Mar, 45, Carpenter & Inn Keeper

24 Torrington St, George Blackford, Head, Mar, 26, Innkeeper

14 Torrington Street "Blacksmiths Inn", William Dobbs, Head, Mar, 63, Genrl Labourer (with Susan Dobbs, his wife as, publican) [1878/9 directory gives William Dodds as innkeeper]

Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Alfred Jas. Paddon, Head, M, 24, Brewers Labourar




Torrington Lane, 1 house uninhabited

[Merged into Blacksmith's Arms?]






Sq 79. East-the-Water, George Luckatte, 65, Ind

Torrington Lane, Mary Copp, Head, Widow, 55, Laundress

Torridge Street, Robert Barrow, Head, Mar, 37, Maltster + Ann Percy, Head, Wid, retired draper

23 Torrington St, Robert Burrow, Head, Mar, 48, Maltster & Brewer

13 Torrington Street, Robert Barrow, Head, Mar, 57, Maltster employing 6 men 1 boy


22 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Robert Barrow, Head, M, 66, Maltster & Brewer

EN 76 Torrington St, Robert Burrow, head, widr, 77, Maltster & Brewer, employer [1902 directory has as proprietor of the Blacksmith's Arms]

Blacksmith's Arms, 8 rooms, Archibald Cawsey, Head, 42, Married, Manager of Public House, Employer

Sq 80. East-the-Water, Henry R Glynn, 70, Navy, with two servants

Torrington Lane, Torrington Lane, Henry R Glynn, Admiral of the White, Head, Mar, 82,  retired on half pay, with three servants [high status occupant]

Torridge Street, William Thompson, Retired Attorney Supreme Court Calcutta East India [high status occupant]

22 Torrington Street, Richard F Church, Head, Mar, 38, Civil Engineer, with four servants [in the introductary notes for the next district his occupation is mentioned as Railway Engineer] [high status occupant]

12 Torrington Street, temporarilly absent



Torridge House, 10 rooms, James Barrow, Head, 49, Married, Trialster, Brewer, Employer (with one servant)

Sq 80a. East-the-Water, Edmund Glynn, 25, Navy, with two servants

Torrington Lane, 1 house uninhabited



21 Torrington Street, John Main, Head, Mar, 60, Ag Lab

11 Torrington Street, William Southwood, Head, Mar, 65, Genrl Labourer


21 Torrington Street, 3 rooms, Albert E Backway, Head, M, 21, House Painter

EN 75 Torrington St, Louisa Pallifont, head, S, 50, Groom Assistant, worker

21 Torrington Street, 3 rooms, Louisa Dellifeant, Head, 70, Single, Dress Maker [name given as Pillifant on the cover]

Sq 81. East-the-Water, Raff Rooke, 30, Shoe m

[possibly belong in the 1841 slots slightly further down, but out of order]







Sq 82. East-the-Water, Henry Jenkins, 30, Mason

[possibly belong in the 1841 slots slightly further down, but out of order]







Sq 83.East-the-Water, James Fremodely[or Spamodoly.or Treanerly.it is far from clear.?], 45, Road Contractor

[possibly belong in the 1841 slots slightly further down, but out of order]







Sq 84. East-the-Water, Catherine Hocombe [or Slocombe], 30, Ind

Torrington Lane, Catherine Hocombe [or Slocombe], Widow, 43, Laundress

Torridge Street, Robert Stanlake, Head, Mar, 46, Ag Lab

20 Torrington Street, Robert Stanley, Head, Mar, 60, Ag Lab


20 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Fanny Dubb, Head, Wid, 54, Laundress

EN 74 Torrington St, >4 rooms, Edward Lee, head, M, 37, Coachman, worker

20 Torridgton Street, 3 rooms, Emma Prust, Wife, 44, Widow, Oil Seller, own account, at home


Torrington Lane, Robert Young, Head, Mar, 63, Ship Carpenter (Journeyman) + lodgers Lee, Harvey

Torridge Street, Robert Young, Head, Mar, 75, Shipwright

19 Torrington Street, Mary Watts, Head, Wid, 80, Farmer's Widow

10 Torrington Street, Eliza Watts, Head, Unm, 45, Poulterer

19 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Eliza Watts, Head, S, 57, Living on her own means

EN 73 Torrington St, >4 rooms, Jane Watts, head, S, 71, Living on own means

19 Torrington Street, 4 rooms, Jane Watts, Head, 84, Single


John Glover, Head, Mar, 39, Gardner (Journeyman)

Torridge Street, John Mox, Head, Un, 67, Chelsea Pensioner

18 Torrington Street, Thomas Jewell, Head, Widr, 67, General Dealer & Lodging House Keeper, with eight surnames lodging

9 Torrington Street, Robert Bowden, Head, Widr, 57, Brewer

18 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, George Heath, Head, M, 37, Coachman Domestic Servant

EN 72 Torrington St, >4 rooms, George Heath, head, M, 47, Hotel Coachman, works

18 Torrington Street, 8 rooms, George Heath, Head, 57, Married, Coachman, Carriage Proprietor, worker

Sq 85. East-the-Water, Thomas Stanbury, 35, Coal Merchant

1 house uninhabited

Torridge Street, William Fursier, Head, Un, 31, Carrier & Omnibus Owner

17 Torrington Street, John Hodge, Head, Mar, 74, Grocer &c



EN 71 Torrington St, James Phillips, Head, M, 35, Grocer's Assistant, worker

17 Torrington Street, 5 rooms, Harry Ley, 26, Married, Watch & Clock Repairer, own account

Sq 86. East-the-Water, John Rapson, 65,  Labourer [with wife Janifer Rapson, 65, and daughter Mary Rapson, 35, dressmaker]

Torrington Lane, Jane Rapson, Head, widow, 76, maintained by her daughter Mary Rapson, 36, dressmaker, with whom she lives

Torridge Street, Matilda Jacobs, Head, Mar, 36, Sailors Wife

16 Torrington Street, Samuel Beer, Head, Mar, 44, Gardner






Sq 87. East-the-Water, Sarah Heard, 70, Ind

Torrington Lane, Ann M Pollard, Head, unmarried, 38, Grocer

Torridge Street, Ann Mary Pollard, Head, Un, 48, Grocer, with one boarder (Susan Snell)

15 Torrington Street, Maria Stepford, Head, Mar, 65, School Mistress

8 Torrington Street, Albert Dennis, Head, Mar, 46, Maltster's Labourer (with one servant)

17 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Albert Dinnis, Head, M, 57, Maltster's Labourer


EN 70 Torrington St, Emmanuel W Sly, Head, M, 48, Railway Clerk, worker

16 Torrington Street, 6 rooms, Emanuel Warren Slip, Head, 58, Married, Railway Clerk, London & S.W. Rly, worker


Ann Hutchings, Head, widow, 79, Pauper (Cooper's Wife)






EN 69 Torrington St, 2 rooms, Rob't Bowden, head, M, 48, Railway Clerk, worker

15 Torrington Street, 2 rooms, Adela M. E. Morris, Head, 30, Widow, Buttonhole Worker, Collar Factory, worker

Sq 89.East-the-Water, John Brayley, 45, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, John Brayley,  Head, Mar, 55, Labourer & Sexton of Parish Church [ with wife, Betsey Brayley, 50]

Torridge Street, Elizabeth Brayley, Head, Wid, 60, Laundress

14 Torrington Street, Gideon Jewell, Head, Mar, 34, Sawyer

7 Torrington Street, Gideon Jewell, Head, Mar, 42, Sawyer (with one servant)


14 Torrington Street, 2 rooms, Catherine Holland, Head, Wid, 79

EN 68 Torrington St, 2 rooms, Mary Ann May, head, wid, 74, [no occupation]

14 Torrington Street, 2 rooms, Mary Anne May, 82, Widow

Sq 88. East-the-Water, One unoccupied

Torrington Lane, 1 uninhabited house







Sq 90. East-the-Water, Edward Colley, 60, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Richard Griffey, , Head, Mar, 64, Block Maker

Torridge Street, John Sluman, Head, Mar, 39, Ag Lab

13 Torrington Street, Oliver Plumar Junr, Head, Mar, 40, Shoe Maker & Letter Carrier


13 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Augustus Mitchell, Head, M, 29, Coachman – Domestic Servant

EN 67 Torrington St, .4 rooms,  Augustus Pritchell, Head, Mar, 39, Coachman, worker

13 Torrington Street, 5 rooms, Augustus William Mitchell, Husband, 47, Married, Ostler Hotel Stables, Hotel, Worker

Sq 91. East-the-Water, James Cann, 35, Mariner

Torrington Lane, 1 uninhabited house







Sq 92. East-the-Water, William Elliot, 20 Mason

Torrington Lane, Ann Crosscombe, head, Mar, 25,  Mariner's Wife

Robert Cocker, Head, Mar, 46, Labourer (Quay Porter)

12 Torrington Street, Frederick Hutchings, Head, Mar, 36, Lab at Ship Building Yard





Sq 93. East-the-Water, Jonah Thorne, 38 Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, Dorothy Gorrell, head, Married, 40, Dress Maker

Torridge Street, William Backway, Head, Mar, 62, Under Beadle Parish Church + John Mock, Head, Mar, 34, Ag Lab

11 Torrington Street, William Backway, Head, Mar, 72, Ag Lab





Sq 93a. East-the-Water, Alfred Palmer, 25, Ag Lab

Torrington Lane, James Passmore, Head, Mar, 38, Agricultural Labourer







Sq 94. East-the-Water, Richard Ivey, 60, Shoe M

Torrington Lane, Richard Ivey, Head, Mar, 74, super (Shoemaking) [with wife Susan Ivey, 68, pauper (Char Woman)]

Torridge Street, Susanna Ivey, Head, Wid, 78, Formerly Laundress

10 Torrington Street, James Sluman, Head, Mar, 43, Mason





Sq 95. East-the-Water, Mary Paddon, 29, Ind

Torrington Lane, Abraham Stanbury, Head, Mar, 41, Bread Baker, with Father in Law & Sister in Law,Caroline Pedler

Torridge Street, Elizabeth Hamlyn, Head, Wid, 35, Dress Maker

9 Torrington Street, John Liane, Head, Mar, 39, Cordwainer + Thomas Backway, Head, Mar, 40, Ship Carpenter


9 Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Henry Newcombe, Head, M, 32, General Labourer

EN 66 Torrington St, >4 rooms, Edward Reed, head, M, 36, Hotel Waiter & Porter, worker


Sq 96. East-the-Water, Mary Palmer, 30

Torrington Lane, James Arnold, Head, Mar, 45, Sawyer employing 1 man

Torridge Street, John Berry, Head, Mar, 44, Mason

8 Torrington Street, George Manning, Head, Mar, 61, Malster





Sq 97. East-the-Water, John Hopgood, Anchor Smyth

1 house unoccupied

Torridge Street, 1 unoccupied house

7 Torrington Street, Charles Lee, Head, Married, 62 [or possibly 32], General Labourer

6 Torrington Street, Charles Lee, Head, Mar, 70, General Labourer


[on the eastern side, no 6?] Torrington Street, 2 rooms, Charles Lee, Head, m, 80, General Labourer




Sq 98. East-the-Water, John Huxtable, 45, Coal Dealer


Torridge Street, Elizabeth Copp, Head, Un, 33, Gloveress (allsorts) + George Langmaid, Lodger, Un, 40, Ship wright

6 Torrington Street, Thomas Blincow, Head, Married, 52, Railway Labourer

5 Torrington Street, Mary A Keates, Head, W, 63, Late General Servant (Dom)







Torridge Street, William Blackmoor, Head, Mar, 42, Ag Laborer

5 Torrington Street, Oliver Sluman, Head, Mar, 71, Mason, with two lodgers, both of whom were excavators

4 Torrington Street, Oliver Sluman, Head, Mar, 50, Letter Carrier & Shoemaker







Torridge Street, Thomas Pallister, Head, Mar, 65, head, 65, Bed Matress Maker

4 Torrington Street, Robert Harkaway, Head, Mar, 52, Farmer

3 Torrington Street, Mary Pellifeant, Head, W, 72, Retired Nurse

Bethel Cottage,  Torrington Street, >4 rooms, Mary Pellifaut, Head, Wid, 80


Bethel House, 4 rooms, Michael Judd, Head, 44, Married, Railway Porter, worker



Torridge Street, James Mock, Head, Mar, 39, Shipwright & Grocer

3 Torrington Street, Simon H. Lake, Head, Married, 26, Shopkeeper








2 Torrington Street, Jacob Lane, Head, Mar, 44, General Labourer

2 Torrington Street, John Tucker, Head, Mar, 62, Plate Layer


Torrington Street, 3 rooms, Mary Jane Ware, Head, Wid, 52, Charwoman

EN 64 Torrington St, Henry Glover, head, M, 43, Butcher, own account

Torrington St, 5 rooms, Henry Glover, 55, Married, Butcher, own account, at home [Cover says Wm Hy Glover]



1 uninhabited (Torridge St or Barnstaple St, not clear which)


1 Torrington Street, John A Davis, Head, Mar, 22, Coffee Tavern Keeper





1 step-sons Edmund Robert Hernimnan & George Egerton Herniman are Carriage Painter and Carriage Smith respectively, on own account, but not at home

2A. E. Symons at 2 Industrial Place in 1898, as the death of his son reported there, Bideford Weekly Gazette 15 March 1898 p5 c6]

3With at least four family names amongst the visitors