Correlation of census records for the period 1841-1911 – North of the Bridge


Last revised 25 Feb 2017

Due to numerous changes in street layout and house numbering it can be very difficult to follow an individual property in East-the-Water back through the census records. It is often only possible once you consider the locations of families at a street level, rather than a house level, then compare this with properties on the ground and information from other sources, such as deeds, plans, and trade journals. This document is intended as a finding aid to help locate who was where and which modern properties were associated with which families. All details have been transcribed from original images, but, as it is not intended as a replacement for the full census records, only heads of families are included in this document (except where further detail is useful for correlation) and places of birth have been deliberately omitted. Genealogists and those researching their house history should consult the further details, including places of birth and details for others on the premises, that are available on the full census records. These are available via the better online genealogy services, such as Ancestry, whilst transcripts of the Bideford census records are held by Bideford Archive.

Where distinct correlations appear to exist, then these have been highlighted in colour. Where no distinct correlations tie together the dwelling sequences, then the alignments must be considered hypothetical. As further details become available it will hopefully be possible to refine these alignments.

The 1911 Census has some odd house number sequencing around Vinegar Hill, with 1, 2, and 5, followed by 19, 9, 10, and 11, then 1 and 2 duplicated, but with different occupants, followed by 3.

The 1901 Census lacks house numbers, so the numbers shown are the enumerators item numbers. There is also evidence that the enumerator did not work methodically in some streets, e.g. Torrington Street, making them impossible to align in this period without further evidence from third parties. This seems to be less of a problem in the Barnstaple Street area, but the reader should be aware of it.

On the 1891 Census the returning officer appears to have alternated between the sides of Barnstaple Street to some extent whilst working southward along the eastern side, then picked up the remaining dwellings on the west by returning northward. Some dwellings are given house numbers, but a number are not. The majority of these are assumed to be on the western side of the street,  except where they clearly fit better into the overall pattern if placed on the eastern side.

Whilst the census sets out to record all who were present, even by 1881, when the census was no longer a novelty, the local press could report an individual with the attitude that “She was not going to put all down,--it would be letting they London folks know to much.” [“Bideford” North Devon Journal 07 April 1881 p8 c1]

There seem to be a number of gaps in the census returns, especially from the lower income housing areas, presumably because a return was not made.

The 1861 Census has several individuals added on the last page, with their address just “East-the-Water”. These are James Collacott, 79, receiving parish relief; Thomas Dark, 36, shipwright; William Hancock, 29, Sawyer; Salathiel Herbert, 23, ag lab. They don't immediately seem to link with any individuals from 1851 or 1871, so they can't be fitted in yet.

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Barnstaple Street (Eastern side)

In 1886 an advertisement, for auction lots, placed Mr. W. Pridham at 1 Barnstaple Street, Mr. William Lake at 2 Barnstaple Street, and The terminus Inn, occupied by Messrs. Eldridge & Pope, adjoining them. [Bideford Weekly Gazette 26 January 1886 p4 c2]












Moor Park, 1 unoccupied


Cross Park, 1 unoccupied





EN 169 Toll Gate, Henry Binden, Head, Mar, 39, Lime Burner's Labourer

Cross Park, John Geoghegau, Head, Mar, 51, Railway Station Master

Cross Park House, William Pope, Head, Mar, 40, Gardener dom

Cross Park, 3 rooms, Richard Lang, Head, Mar, Agricultural Labourer


Cross Park, 1 not in occupation

Cross Park, Isaac Ayre, Head, 37, Married, Caretaker Cemetary, Church of England



EN 168 Toll Gate, John H Padbury, Head, Mar, 34, Chelsea Pensioner & Toll Collector

Barnstaple Toll House, John G. C. Bird, Head, Widower, 52, Toll  Collector





Sq 148. John Holdmane, 50, Maltster, with one servant

Welcombe Inn, William Blackmore, Superannuated Shipwright from Devonport Park Yard, his son Thomas is also listed here, with the profession Innkeeper

Probably made no return. In 1864 an inquest was held at “the Welcome Inn, East-the-Water,” the death having been of Thomas Geoheggan, son of the stationmaster, and having occurred at Cross Park



1 Barnstaple Street, >4 rooms, Arthur Pridham, Head, m, 39, Carrier & Railway Agent

EN 2 >4 rooms, Arthur Wm Prisham, Head, M, 49, General Carrier, Employer

1 Barnstaple Street, 11 rooms, Arthur William Pridham, Head, 59, Married, Railway Haulage Contractor, General Carrier, Employer (with one servant)

Sq 147. James Parkin [or parker], 20, Sawyer, with one servant

Railway Inn, William Lake, Inn Keeper (in 1864 the house of Mr. Hammett is described as formerly the Railway Hotel)

[1 Barnstaple Street, inferred] Barnstaple Street, 1 uninhabited between EN 167 and EN168

1 Barnstaple Street, Eliza Hammett, Head, Widow, 43, Lodging House Keeper

1 Barnstaple Street, Eliza Hammetth, Head, W, 53, Late Ship[masters?] Wife, with 2 boarders and a servant

2 Barnstaple Street, >4 rooms, William Pridham, Head, m, 75, Carrier

EN 3 >4 rooms, Susan Prisham, head, M, 84, General Carrier, Employer


Probably merged into the property mentioned above, as 1 Barnstaple Street has now been divided again.

Probably made no return. In 1839 the Currier's arms, is under “Richard Blanch.” Maps show the Currier's Arms on the site later occupied by the Terminus Inn

Probably made no return, as a local paper from 1857 mentions the “Terminus Inn, East-the-Water”

EN 167 Barnstaple Street, "Terminus Inn", Richard Bulch, Head, Mar, 59, Innkeeper

Terminus Inn, Richard Balch, Head, Mar, 69,Inn Keeper

2 Barnstaple Street, William Sluman, Head, Mar, 46, Inn Keeper [1878 White's directory gives William Sluman as the Innkeeper at the Terminus Inn]

Barnstaple Street, >4 rooms, William Bird, Head, m, 66, Gardner [1889 & 1893 Kellys directory have William Bird as Innkeeper at the Terminus Inn.]

EN 4 >4 rooms, Anne Woolfe, Head, M, 56, In Keeper Pub, on own account [Kelly's 1902 directory gives Annie Woolf (Mrs) as the Inn Keeper at the Terminus Inn]

Terminus Inn, 8 rooms, George Woolf, Head, 38, Married, Inn Keeper



EN 166 Thomas Moulton, Head, 55, Blacksmith

3 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Moulton, Head, Mar, 67, Blacksmith

3 Barnstaple Street, William G Champion, Head, Mar, 23, Mason

3 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, John Pring, Head, M, 24, Railway Labourer

EN 6, 4 rooms, Sam'l Shortridge, Head, M, 21, General Labourer


3 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Thomas Whittaker, Head, 41, Married, Fish Hawker

Sq 146. Tomasine Carne, 49

Thomas Cann, Shipwright (Journeyman)

EN 165 James Ellis, Head, Mar, 55, Blacksmith

4 Barnstaple Street, Edmund Tolley, Head, Mar, 40, Railway Signalman

4 Barnstaple Street, Frank Hill, Head, Mar, 25, Railway Porter

4 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Mary Ann Slee, Head, Widow, Charwoman

EN 7, 4 rooms, Mary Ann Slee, head, Wid, 56, [no occupation]


4 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Selina Barry, Head, 68, Widow


Samuel Thorne, Agricultural Labourer, Pensioner in the 73 Regiment of Foot Chelsea

EN 164 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Passmore, Head, Mar, 34, Lime Burners Lab

5 Barnstaple Street, Edmund Passmore, Head, Mar, 26, General Labourer & House Proprietor

5 Barnstaple Street, Edmund Jolley, Head, Mar, 52, Railway Signalman

5 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Edward Jolley, m, 60, Railway Signalman

EN 8, Barnstaple Street, W'm Mitchell, Head, M, 27, Platelayer, Worker

5 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Matthew John Brown, Head, 40, Married, Railway Haulier Contractor's Labourer

Sq 145. Mary Morrish, 70, Ind

John Morish, Sawyer, employing one man


6 Barnstaple Street, William Lake, Head, Mar, 75, Retired Labourer

6 Barnstaple Street, James Daniel, Head, Mar, 72, Ship Carpenter

6 Barnstaple Street, >4 rooms,  Ellen Stevens, Wife, M, 60, Laundress

EN 9, John Boaden, head, M, 29, Confectioner, own account (T. Backway in 18981)

6 Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, Frederick William Beer, Head, 34, Married, Mason

Sq 133. Edward Bate, 45, Mason

(A plan of 1842 shows the Barnstaple Inn in this location. An 1844 trade directory lists John Hopgood as proprietr of the Barnstaple Inn)

Eliza Paw, married, laundress

EN 163 Vinegar Hill [as 'Do'], "Princess Royal Hotel", Thomas N[or K?]ekrewa, head, Mar, 45, Clerk Steam Packet Office

Princess Royal Inn, Elizabeth Colwill, Head, Widow, 50, Innkeeper

7 Barnstaple Street "Princess Royal Inn" George Cole, Head, Mar, 47, Currier & Innkeeper

Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Anna Kemp, Head, Wid, 48, Landlady [in 1889 Kellys listed with George Cole as Innkeeper and in 1893 Kellys, with John Jenkins ]

EN 10, W'm Lake, head, M, 29, Innkeeper & Mason [1902 Kellys Directory has as Innkeeper at the Princess Royal]

7 Barnstaple Street (Princess Royal), 7 rooms, Ralston Watt, Head, 67, Married, Publican

William Cox, 60, Shipwright

William Cocks, Retired Ship Carpenter








Vinegar hill falls at this point in most enumerator's records. The details for this alley are listed separately.

The following section of Barnstaple Street had several cottages set back behind those on the street, that, coupled with a rapid turnover of occupants, makes it difficult to be certain about alignments, especially with Elliot's Cottages. An auction advertisement in the Bideford Weekly Gazette of 14 May 1889 [p4 c2] gives the location of Elliot Cottages. It identifies Lot 1. as "All that excellent Shop and Premises, No. 9 Barnstaple-street, now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Shute.” Whilst Lot 2. was "All those Four Cottages to the rear of Lot 1, and known as Elliot's Cottages, in the occupation of Messrs. Skerry, Channon, Palmer, and Bissett.”











John Shute, Stonemason (Journeyman)





EN 11, James Osborne, head, M, 35, General Corn Dealer & Carter

1 Pollard Place, 9 rooms, James B Osborne, Head, 46, Married, Haulier (General) on own account


Stephen Quin, Agricultural Labourer





Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, John Way, Head, M, 39, Lath and Coal Merchant (employer), with a domestic servant [probable location given direction of travel]

EN 12, John Way, Head, M, 49, Coal & Manure Merchant, employer

Clarence House, 10 rooms, Emma Jane Way, Head, 52, Widow

Ellen Passmore, 40, Ind

Henry Passmore, Agricultural Labourer



9 Barnstaple Street, Francis Squires, Head, Mar, 45, Statuary Mason

8 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, William Ellen, Head, M, 39, Warehouseman (Railway)2

EN 13, William Ellen, head, M, 57, Railway Clerk, worker



John Branscombe, 25, Potter


EN 142 Thomas Shutt, Head, Mar, 22, Shipwright


10 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Shutt, Head, Mar, 41, Joiner

9 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Thomas Shutt, Head, M, 53, Hotel Waiter (employed), with a boarder


EN 14, Thom's Shutt, head, M, 62, Joiner Carp, own account


9 Barnstaple Street, 5 rooms, Thomas Shutt, Head, 73, Married, Carpenter, own account

John Pears, 55, Joiner

John Pears, Joiner (Master) employ. 2 men

EN 141 John Peard, Head, Mar, 75, Joiner (Master)

7, John Pearce, Head, Mar, 85, Retired Joiner


[Behind 9-10 (listed between them)] Barnstaple Street, Henry Skerry, 3 rooms, head, M, 25, General Labourer

EN 36 Barnstaple Street (Elliot Cottages), 4 rooms, William Palmer, head, M, 39, Stone Quarryman, worker

4 Elliot Cottages, 2 rooms, Samuel Baker, Head, 56, Married, Newsagent (streetseller)

Joseph Hare, 35, Farmer, with one servant


EN 140 Samuel Gulliver, Head, Mar, 54, Blacksmith Master employing 1 boy

8, Samuel Galliver, Head, Mar, 64, Blacksmith – Master (Samuel Galliver yearly tenant of a dwelling house opposite Clarence Wharf in 1865, when wharf was sold)


5 Elliot Cottages, 3 rooms, Elizabeth Pound, Head, m, 42, Milliner

EN 37 Barnstaple Street (Elliot Cottages), 4 rooms, Jane Dymond, head, S, 39, Charwoman, worker

3 Elliot Cottages, 3 rooms, Henry Smale, Head, 33, Married, Labourer (Bargeman), Gravel



EN 139 Edmund Solley a lodger [listed as a separate dwelling, but more likely sharing one]






William Simeon, 60, Ind


EN 138 John H R Rowden Head, Mar, 30, Railway Goods Deliverer +



4 Elliot Cottages, 4 rooms, William Turner, Head, m, 21, General Labourer

EN 38 Barnstaple Street (Elliot Cottages), 4 rooms, William Taylor, head, M, 31, Hotel Waiter Inn

2 Elliot Cottages, 3 rooms, Mark Richards, Head, 49, Married, Labourer (General), Builder



EN 137 John Brownson, Head, Mar, 22, Railway Porter






Elizabeth Frod, 70, Ind


EN 136 Stephen Elliot, Head, Mar, 57, Carpenter

9, Stephen Elliot, Head, Mar, 66, Carpenter


[1 inferred] Elliot Cottages. 2 rooms, Rosa Dent, Head, Wid, 52


1 Elliot Cottages, 3 rooms, Arthur William Smale, 26, Married, Bargeman, Gravel

(Contemporaries recall he was in the Western-most cottage)

Henry Luckes [check if this could be Tucker], 80, Ind, with one servant

Eliz Tucker, unmarried, Proprietor of Houses, with one servant


10, Robert Tuckey, Mar, 37, Mason






Richard Lake, Lime Merchant


11 Barnstaple Street, Eliza Lake, Head, Unmarried, Wainerwoman [i.e. Cordwainer Woman, a woman who is a shoemaker who makes new shoes from new leather.]

11 Barnstaple Street, Nicholas Mountjoy, Head, Mar, 25, Gen'l Labourer

10 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Joseph Jewell, Head M, 66, Heglar [annotated 'Hawk']





EN 135 Robert Smale, Head, Mar, 29, Ag Lab

12 Barnstaple Road, Henry Shortridge, Head, Mar, 26, General Lab


12 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Cawsey, Head, Mason, 48, Farm Labourer

[Between 10 and 15 or after 32, but before, William Row] >5 rooms, William B Walker, Head, m, 70, Retired Tailor






13 Barnstaple Street, Richard Slee, Head, Mar, 38, Road Lab

13 Barnstaple Street, Richard Stanley, Head, Mar, 33, Ship Carpenter







Un-numbered 1 unoccupied building


13a Barnstaple Street, unoccupied


EN 15, unoccupied

Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Mary Grace Smalldon, Head, 70, Widow, Plain Needlework


James Vickery, Smith employ. 3 men

EN 134 Grace Vicary, Wid, 65, House Propriotor

14 Barnstaple Road, William Sluman, Head, 36, Shipwright

14 Barnstaple Street, George H Woolf, Head, Mar, 41, MS Mariner





Ship-on-Launch, George Sluman, Innkeeper

(Directories list Ship-on-Launch proprietor as John Embery in 1830 and William Elliot in 1839).

EN 133 Ship on Launch, George Sluman, Head, Maried, 52, Innkeeper

15 Barnstaple Street, William Sluman, Head, 36, Innkeeper

15 Barnstaple Street ("Ship on Launch"), Philip Colwill, Head, Mar, 59, Inn Keeper & Dairyman. With George Sluman (father-in-law)

Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Philip Colwill, Head, m, 69, Wood Dealer, Dairyman, Innkeeper, employer [Mary Colwill in Kellys 1893 at Ship-on-Launch]

EN 16, W'm H'y Keats, Head, M, 42, Inn Keeper Pub, own account [ 1902 Kelly's directory has William Henry Keates as Innkeeper at the Ship on Launch]

Ship on Launch, 7 rooms, John Woolf, Head, 36, Married, Publican







EN 17, W'm Francis Chaffer, head, M, 78, Retired Coast Guard Navy Officer

16 Barnstaple Street, 5 rooms, Herbert Geo Hancock, Head, 29, Married, Miller


John Huxtable, Tallow Chandler

EN 132 John Huxtable, Head, Mar, 67, Wool Dealer & Grocer.

16 Barnstaple Street, John Huxtable, Head, Widr, 77, Grocer, with housekeeper

16 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Lake, Head, Widr, 66, Retired Farmer

15 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Jas Edward Gabriel, Head, M, 39, Stone Mason, employer


EN 18, Jas Ed'w Gabriel, Head, M, 48, Stone Carver Mason, Employer

16a Barnstaple Street, 6 Rooms, James Edwin Gabriel, Head, 57, Married, Monumental Mason


Uninhabited house

EN 131 John Lile, Head, Mar, 50, Plumber

17 Barnstaple Street, John Lyle, Head, 60, Plumber & Seaman

16a Barnstaple Street, Thomas Newby, Head, Mar, 32, Hairdresser

16 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Henry Clark, Head, M, 59, Mariner


EN 19, Henry Clarke, Head, M, 69, Retired Master Mariner Seas [in 1917 one Capt. Clark was described as formerly of 17 Barnstaple Street]

17 Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, James Rook, Head, 77, Widower, Independant



EN130 Hugh Solley, Head, Mar, 31, Railway Guard, who has one servant


17  Barnstaple Street, Charles Davey, Head, Mar, 40, Farm Labourer

17 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, John Hinks, head, 49, Storekeeper, Co Operative Ass'n, with his Aunt, Lucy Hinks, Wid, 74, living on own means


EN 20, Mary Heal, head, M, 44, Shopkeeper, own account

[18 Barnstaple Street was sold as a freehold shop and dwelling house” in 18073]

18 Barnstaple Street, 5 rooms, Frederick Ebsworthy, Head, 51, Married, Stevedore


Emily Williams, Widow, Annuitant, with one servant

EN129 Richard Dennis, Head, Mar, 29, Joiner employing 1 boy , with nurse


18 Barnstaple Street, Philip Colwill snr, Father, Widr, 80, Retired Farmer, with Philip Colwill Jnr, Brother, 49, Lime & Coal Merchant, and one servant

18 Barnstaple Street, Elizabeth Fry, Head, W, 57, Income from Houses & c. With Philip Colwill, her father (aged 90)

18 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, James Osbourne, Head, m, 24, General Labourer


EN 21, Edward Passmore, head, M, 57, Stevedore Dock L


18 [sic] Barnstaple Street, 3 rooms, William Thomas Waters, Head, 26, Married, Labourer (Masons), Building


Mary Cooke, Widow, Landed Proprietor, with one servant

EN 128 William Hawkins, Head, Mar, 43, Steam Packet & Corn Agent, with one servant

19 Barnstaple Road, George L Muire, Head, 49, Engineer (Civil), with one servant

19 Barnstaple Street, John Geaghgan, Head, Mar, 59, Railway Station Master

19 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Fredrick Dalby, Head, m, 54, Station Master, one servant


EN 22, Edw'd Waterfield, Head, M, 51, Railway Station Master, worker


19 Barnstaple Street, 12 rooms, James Street, Head, 53, Widower, Railway Station Master


Thomas Stanbury, Coal Merchant [higher status occupant]

EN 127 Edwin Heal, Head, Mar, 42, Super of Inland Revenue, with one servant

20 Barnstaple Street, William Purcombe, Head, 34, Railway Ticket Collector & George Piper, Head, Railway Porter

20 Barnstaple Street, Stephen Thomas, Head, Mar, 37, Professor Art Master

Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, George Pollard, Head, m, 48, Merchant


EN 23, Ernest Edw McKenzie, Head, M, 27, Pianoforte Tuner, Worker


20 Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, Frank Taylor, Head, 52, Married, Railway Servant (Steam Crane Driver), Railway Cy



EN 126 Joseph Pedlar, Head, Mar, 20, Cordwainer

21 Barnstaple Street, John Collier, Head, 46, (Baker) Green Te [?], Master employing 4 men and 2 boys, with one servant

21 Barnstaple Street, John Hicks, Head, Mar, 41, Pleasure Boat Proprietor & Shopkeeper

21 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, James Delbridge, married, 58, Sawyer


EN 24, James Delabridge, head, M, 55, Grocer


21 Barnstaple Street, 7 rooms, James Delabridge, Head, 67, Married, Gardener (Market)



EN125 Thomas Crocker, Head, Widr, 48, Grocer







Mary Pollard, Grocer

EN124 George Pollard, Head, Mar, 28, Mine Agent

22 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Pollard, Head, 65, (Merchant) Mining Agent

22 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Pollard, Head, Widr, 76, Alderman, Mine Proprieter

Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Emma Pollard, Single, 43, Living on own means [Miss Pollard was at no. 22 in 1888]

EN 25, William Potter, head, M, 33, Watchmaker, worker

22 Barnstaple Street, 5 rooms, James Pike, Head, 31, Married, Harness Maker










Springfield Terrace is usually inserted at this point


23 Barnstaple Street appears to have been off Embery's Drang and behind no 22, with 23, 24, 25, 26 possibly being re-numbered as 24, 25, --, 26 in the later 20th C.










William Glenson[?], Labourer in Shipyard

EN 123 Thomas Pollard, Head, Mar, 56, Mineral Black Manufacturer, employing 4 men

23 Barnstaple Street, George Pollard, Head, 37, Steam Packet and Mining (Agent)

23 Barnstaple Street, George Pollard, Head, Mar, 48, Coal Merchant & Mine Proprietor


23 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Samuel Hobbs Mallett, Head, m, 30, Railway Porter


EN 26, 4 rooms, William Burnett, head, M, 24, General Labourer, worker


23 Barnstaple Street, 3 rooms, John Hicks, Head, 70, Married, Retired Boatman (with one servant)

Susan Parkhouse, with one servant

Robert Dig, Agent to the North Devon Steam Packet Company

EN 113 James Hill, Head, Mar, 63, Sawyer

24 Barnstaple Street, Mary Embery, head, unmarried, housekeeper, with John H Embery, brother, 30, Joiner and Undertaker

24 Barnstaple Street, Elizabeth Saunders, Head, Unm, 65, Annuitant


24 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Joseph Eastman, m, 61, Agricultural Labourer

EN 28, 4 rooms, Mary J Ware, head, wid, 64, [no occupation given]

24 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, William George Nicholls, Head, 23, Married, Hotel Boats

William Parkhouse, 55, Sawyer

William Packhouse, Shipbuilder's Labourer & John Ryder, French Polisher

EN 112 William Pridham, Head, Mar, 46, Ag Lab

25 Barnstaple Street, John Trott, Head, Widr, Bargeman

25 Barnstaple Street, William Grant, Head, Mar, 33, Blacksmith Master


25 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, William Thomas Grant, Head, 43, Blacksmith


EN 27, 4 rooms, Thomas Glover, head, M, 40, Timber carter Carrier, worker

25 Barnstaple Street, 3 rooms, Thomas Glover, Head, 50, Married, Timber Merchant's Carter

William Embery, 35, Joiner

John Embery, 70, Ind + Henry Holloway, 19, Ap

William Embery, Joiner Master employing 1 man

EN 111 William Embery, Head,  Widower, 55, Master Carpenter employing 1 man and 2 boys

26 Barnstaple Street, William Embery, Head, 65, Retired (Joiner) & House Agent

26 Barnstaple Street, John H. Embery, Head, Mar, 40, Cabinet Maker

26 Barnstaple Street, > 5 rooms, John H Embery, 50, Joiner Undertaker, employer

EN 29, John Holloway Embery, head, M, 60, Joiner Undertaker, own account


26 Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, Rosabella Embery, Head, 61, Widow, Private Means

John Symons, 40, Culm Miner + Grace Allen, 75, Ind


1 unoccupied

27 Barnstaple Street, Robert Small, Head, 40, Job at the Gas Works27 Bs, Samuel Fabric, Head, Widr, 74, Blacksmith

27 Barnstaple Street, Samuel Fabric, Head, Widr, 74, Blacksmith

27 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, James Burrow, Head, M, 36, Railway Porter & Signalman. His wife. Emily Burrow, is a Dressmaker and an employer.

EN 30, James Burrow, head, M, 46, Railway Signalman, worker


27 Barnstaple Street, 5 rooms, John Butter, Head, 29, Married, Stoker, Gas Works

Eliza Ellis, 30 + Edward Clark, 15, Shipwright + John Dorcas[?], 40, Mariner

Robert Ellis, 40, Shipwright

Robert Ellis, Ship Carpenter

EN 110 Robert Ellis, Head, Mar, 64, Ship wright

28 Barnstaple Street, James Daniel, Head, 63, Shipwright, with Harriet, Wife, 63, Shopkeeper

28 Barnstaple Street, James Hayle, Head, Widr, 62, Gardener [non domestic]

28 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Mary T. Newby, Head, Wid, 36, Grocer


EN 31, Charles Bond, head, M, 41, General Labourer, worker

28 Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, Charles Bird, Head, 51, Married, Furniture Packer, Furniture Remover


Barnstaple Street Gaol, William Gilbert, Gaol Keeper (with a single prisoner listed)

EN 109 Colonial Buildings, Richard Heard, Head, Widr, 70, Retired Merchant

Colonial Buildings, Richard Heard, Head, Widr, 80, (Merchant) & Retired shipowner, with one servant

Colonial Buildings, unoccupied

Royal Hotel, Stanley Heard, Head, S, 30, Hotel Proprieter Timber Importer, with his father George Heard, m, 70, Retired Timber Importer, 7 servants, 2 visitors, 3 boarders, family of Percy A Willet, a Brewer

EN 1, Barnstaple Street (Royal Hotel), >4 rooms, Rob't Stanley Heard, Head, S, 40, Hotel Proprietor Pub, Employer, at home

Royal Hotel Bideford, Sarah Hannah Constable, Head, 31, Single, Hotel Manageress

John Dannell, 70, Publicans

James Dannell, 30, Shipwright

John Daniel, Coal Merchant, with one servant

EN 108 New London Inn, James Daniel, Head, Mar, 57, Shipwright & Innkeeper

By 1871 the New London Inn had been incorporated into the Bideford Hotel (Later the Royal Hotel)






Barnstaple Street (around the area of the Torrington Lane cutting and Brunswick Wharf)

The location of these properties are ambiguous, the earlier ones could have been where Torrington Lane now runs, the latter ones on the southern edge of Brunswick Wharf and part demolished in bridge/street widening)










Carles [sic] Lee, Ship Porter

EN 107 James Passmore, Head, Mar, 30, Sawyer + EN 106 Barnstaple Street, John Spear, Head, Mar, 32, Chimney Sweep






Emma Ruas, 30

Mary Geaton, married, Shoe-maker's Wife







John Lile, 30 Plumber

John Lile, Plumber

[John Lile is displaced elsewhere in this census]






James Carter, Grocer

Simon Lake, Tailor (Master)









Unoccupied house








Barnstaple Street (Western side)

The widening of Barnstaple Street and the development of its wharfs lead to the progressive demolition of the older houses along the western side.









Robert Johnston, 45, Ship Builder, with one servant

Robert Johnson, Ship Builder employing 24 men, with one servant


31 Barnstaple Street, Samuel Palmer, 45, Railway Labourer, with John Burtlett, Head, 40, Railway Labourer

29 Barnstaple Street, William Whitefield, Head, Mar, 46, Shipwright


[listed between 19 and 21, so probably opposite 20, after Springfield Terrace, but before John Blight at 32] Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, Thomas Witheridge, Head, M, 46, General Labourer

EN 31a, >4 rooms, Samuel Jones, head, 31, Building Merchant's Yard Foreman, Worker


31 Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, Samuel Jones, Head, 40, Married, Foreman Builder's Merchant's Yard

Anne Carlleman [?], 25, Ind

William Dark, Shoe Maker Master employing 2 apprentices

EN 185 Barnstaple Street, Mary Dark, Head, Wid, 52, Shop Keeper

32 Barnstaple Street, Mary Dark, Head, Widow, 63, Shopkeeper




EN 32, >4 rooms, John Colwill, head, M, 38, Haulier Corn, own account


31 Barnstaple Street, 2 rooms, Henry Dowell Clark, Head, 80, Widower, Master Mariner, retired

Clarence Wharf area/William Row.

The documentation for the sale of this area in 1865 indicates that it contained a dwelling house, with offices, and a group of three cottages that adjoined it. A similar  group of three cottages, and a dwelling house on Clarence Wharf were offered as two of the lots in a property auction, advertised in November 1867. In the 1865 the cottages as advertisement the cottages were occupied by John Collacott, George Bird and Thomas Lane. In 1867 Thomas Lane, John Collacott, and John Bright occupied them. In 1867 they are described as comprising “a Kitchen, Pantry, and other convenient offices, and 2 Bed Rooms.” These cottages are clearly the three known, in 1871, as  William Row or Williams' Drang. Tenants seem to have been on a yearly tenancy, so the occupant had often changed between censuses. In 1867 the house was occupied by Mr. Simon Lake. It is described in 1867 as comprising “2 Front Parlours, 2 Kitchens, Wash-house, and other suitable Offices, on the ground floor; and 4 excellent Bed Rooms and a Water Closet, on the first floor. It had a garden well stocked with fruit trees and measuring 112 feet length, by 37 feet breadth. [North Devon Journal 28 November 1867 p1 c1]

In 1891 William Row is called "Williams's Drang" on the introductory page of the census district









Elizabeth Pike, 70, Ind + Richard Harris, 60, Shoemaker + Luke Stacey, 70, Mariner + Mary Mills

 65, Ind

Elizabeth Tyack, Widow, Pauper (Servant)

EN 184 Thomas Smale, Head, Mar, 36, Paint Miner

33 Barnstaple Street, John Blight, Head, Mar, 54, Coal Porter

30 Barnstaple Street, John Blight, Head, Mar, 61, Gen'l Labourer

32 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, John Blight, Head, M, 67, Manure Agent

EN 33, 4 rooms, John Lee, head, M, 31, Navvy, worker

Devon Trading Co House Barnstaple Street, 5 rooms, William Copp, Head, 25, Builder's Merchant's Foreman





31 Barnstaple Street, John Stevens, Head, Mar, 50, Farm Labourer

[opposite 9-10 Barnstaple Street? After 32 but before 36] William Row, 3 rooms, Charles Davey, Head, m, 50, General Labourer [wife Caroline, 60, born Braunton]

EN 34, 4 rooms, Catherine Davey, Head, Wid, 65, Laundress, worker, born Braunton


Sarah Minke[r?]y, 65, Ind








One unoccupied

John Collacott, Maltster (Journeyman)

EN 183 Mary Collcott, Wife (Husband out at work), Mar, 50, 50, Laundress

34 Barnstaple Street, Mary Collacott, Head, Mar, 64, Mariner's Wife

32 Barnstaple Street, John Collcott, Head, Mar, 74, Maltster



EN 35, 3 rooms, Jas P Collicott, General Labourer, worker


Ann Harris, 60, Ind




33 Barnstaple Street, Henry Comer, Head, Mar, 31, Engine Fitter & Labourer Works

William Row, 4 rooms, William Bissett, Head, m, 59, Shoemaker [opposite 9-10 Barnstaple Street? After 32 but before 36]



Frederick Jones 30, Printer

Frederick Jones, Printer & Bookbinder (Journeyman)

EN 182 Thomas Lune, Head, Mar, 36, Quay Porter

35 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Lane, Head, Mar, 46, Mariner


34 Barnstaple Street, James Rook, Head, Mar, 46, General Dealer

36 Barnstaple Street, >4 rooms, James Rook, Head, 56, Mason

EN 39 Barnstaple St, 4 rooms, James Rook, head, M, 67, General Labourer, worker


John Makeo, 65, Mason

William Skewes, Culm Mining Agent [higher status occupant]

EN 181 Richard Sherman, Head, Mar, 31, Capt of Culm Mines, with one servant [higher status occupant]

36 Barnstaple Street, George Avery, Head, Widower, 78,  General Dealer [higher status occupant] (A Mr Honewood in a house used as Mining Co. offices adjacent to Clarence Wharf in 1865, when wharf was sold)

35 Barnstaple St, Thomas Passmore, Head, Mar, 59, Farm Labourer

Barnstaple Street, Henry Skerry, 3 rooms, head, M, 25, General Labourer



Clarence Wharf area and Foundry Cottages

In this area there were quite a jumble of dwellings, including a bigger house for a wharf owner or foreman, the Three Crowns Inn, and a set of cottages built on the former foundry site. The high street number Canada Cottages suggests these were on the west of Barnstaple Street, but this needs confirmation. In July 1887 Messrs. Sanders & Son., of Barnstaple, offered Canada Cottages for sale, and they were bought by Mr. J. Lugg for £285. The sale also included the Old Pottery in North Street, which failed to sell. [Bideford Weekly Gazette 19 July 1887 p5 c2] In Dec 1926, no's 1-3 Canada Cottages, Barnstaple Street, were advertised as lot 2 in an auction, when their respective occupants were given as “Messrs. S. Glover, F. Tithercott, and W. T. Waters.” Other properties in this auction included 24-26 Meddon Street, a shop in Tower Street, Northam, and a new dwelling house, 1 Tynaway Terrace. [North Devon Journal 16 December 1926 p1 c2].

In 1900 one E. L. Blake, dressmaker, gave her address as 43 Barnstaple Street [Bideford Weekly Gazette 19 June 1900 p4 c4], though in the 1901 census that address is not specifically listed.









Elizabeth Brook, 45, Ind

Samuel Daniel, Sawyer employing 1 man


37 Barnstaple Street, William Branch, Head, Mar, 26, General Labourer


37 Barnstaple Street, > 4  rooms, E. J. Cann Bending, Head, M, 21, Railway Parcel Porter



John Junno, 30, Labourer

William Champion, Sawyer

EN 180 Barnstaple Street, Richard Dennis, Head, Mar, 27, Potter

38 Barnstaple Street, Richard Dennis, Head, Mar, 38, General Labourer

36 Barnstaple Street, Richard Dennis, Head, Mar, 45, Genrl Labourer

38 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Richard Dinness, head, M, 55, Quay Porter and General Labourer



William Trigger, 50, Guardsman

1 house uninhabited







James Parkham, 20, Shipwright

Charles Hume, Sawyer, employing 1 man

EN 179 Foundry Row, Ann Harris, Head, Wid, 63, Formerly Servant




EN 40 Barnstaple St Foundry Row, 4 rooms, James Louis Shutt, head, M, 22, Blacksmith, worker


5 Foundry Row, Barnstaple Street, 3 rooms, John Lee, Head, 41, Married, Farm Labourer (with 6 children, two adult, and his wife)

John Arnold, 30, Sawyer

Jane Suggs, Widow, Annuitant

EN 177 Foundry Row, Jonas Copp, Head, Mar, 38, Bargeman + EN 178 John Wakely, head, Mar, 19, Shipsmith's Ap

39 Barnstaple Street, Jonas Copp, Head, Mar, 48, General Labourer

37 Barnstaple Street, George Langmead, Head, Mar, 60, Shipwright

39 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Thomas Berry, Head, m, 28, General Labourer

EN 41, >4 rooms, Joseph Bissett, head, M, 45, Sawyer, worker

4 Foundry Row, Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Mary Gertrude Oke (her mark), Wife, 39, Married (Mary had 7 children aged 15 and under living with her)

Elizabeth Harris, 30, Shop Keeper

Seane[?] Martin, Cabinet Maker, Journeyman

EN 176 Foundry Row, Lewis Shute, Head, Mar, 45, Quay Porter

40 Barnstaple Street, David Chute, Head, , Married, 50, Coal Merchant

38 Barnstaple Street, Lewis Shute, Head, Mar, 66, Genrl Labourer (with lodger John Jewel, Rope Maker)

40 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, John Braunton, Head, m, 22, Agricultural Labourer

EN 42 Barnstaple St Foundry Row, 4 rooms, Eliz'th Ann Squires, Head, M, 28, [no occupation]

3 Foundry Row, Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Alfred James Skinner, Head, 40, married, Platelayer (with wife and 5 children aged 15 or under

Sebastian Parkham, 80, Lm burner


EN 174 Foundry Row, Thomas Sewell, Head, Mar, 57, Quay Porter, with lodger + EN 175 William Collier, lodger, Widr, 70, Baker, journeyman

41 Barnstaple Street, George Laugmain, Head, Mar, 45, Shipwright

39 Barnstaple Street, William Branch, Head, Mar, 35, Genrl Labourer


41 Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, William Branch, Head, m, 44, General Labourer

EN 43, 4 rooms, James Tho's Nichols, head, M, 38, General Labourer, worker


2 Foundry Row, Barnstaple Street, 3 rooms, Charles Bur, Head, 34, Married, Stevedore (with wife, four children and a boarder)

Robert Yong [Young?], 50, [???]pwright


EN 172 William May, Head, Married, 40, Shoe Maker +

EN 173 Samuel Samson, Head, Wid, 36, Ship Caulker

42 Barnstaple Street, Charles Westacott, Head, Mar, 31, Baker & Grocer

40 Barnstaple Street, John Brend, Head, Mar, 50, Genrl Labourer


42 Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, John Brend, Head, m, 59, General Labourer

EN 44, >4 rooms, Barnstaple St, John Brend, head, M, 69, General Labourer, Worker


1 Foundry Row, Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, Charles Scott, Head, 49, Widower, Master Mariner (with a widow and her four children, plus a lodger)

Fanny Beer, 20, F S [female servant] with 2 female servants








John Pether[cott?],50, Toll Collector

Barnstaple Toll Gate, Elizabeth Bates, Widow, Toll Gate Keeper







Henry Brook, 47, Ship Builder, with one servant

Thomas Waters, Ship Builder, employing 17 men

EN 171 Thomas Waters, Head, Mar, 64, Ship Builder Master, employing two men

43 Barnstaple Street, Thomas Waters, Head, Mar, 74, Ship-builder

41 Barnstaple Street, Eliza Waters, Head, W, 67, Shipbuilders Widow (with lodger James Whitfield)


43 Barnstaple Street, >4 rooms, Edward B. Clements, Head, m, 30, General Labourer

EN 45, Barnstaple St, 4 rooms, Robert Hancock, head, S, 69, General Labourer, Worker


Dublin Cottage, Barnstaple Street, 6 rooms, Julia Spearman, Wife, 58, Widow, Chapel Caretaker

Richard Balch, 65, Sawyer + Robert Balch, 35, Publican, with one servant [Trade Directories have Robert Young as Innkeeper at the Three Crowns in 1839 and 1844]

Three Crowns Inn, James Watts, Agricultural Labourer, but his son Henry is listed as Innkeeper

EN 170 "Three Crowns" James Watts, Head, Mar, 73, Inn Keeper

44 Barnstaple Street, Samson Sampson, Head, Mar, 68, Railway miner


1 Canada Cottages, 4 rooms, Owen McCovey, Head, 32, Draper, self employed

EN 46, Barnstaple St, 4 rooms, John Ware Parr, head, M, 44, Warehouseman, worker

1 Canada Cottages, Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Denham Williams, Head, 26, Married, Sailor A B, Ceneral Carrier




[also under 44 Barnstaple Street] Thomas Webber, Head, Mar, 38, Railway Labourer


2 Canada Cottages, 4 rooms, Richard Hearn, Head, 24, House Decorator

47, Barnstaple St, 4 rooms, Richard Beltess, head, M, 35, Railway Carman, Worker

(R Bettess at 2 Canada Cottages in 19044)

2 Canada Cottages, Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Frederick William Betters, Head, 46, Married, Horseman, Railway Goods Yard




[also under 44 Barnstaple Street] James Tickner, Head, Mar, 36, Railway Labourer


3 Canada Cottages, 4 rooms, Richard Smale, Head, m, 24, Coal Porter

48, Barnstaple St, 4 rooms, Ann Smale, Head, Wid, 66, [no occupation]


3 Canada Cottages, Barnstaple Street, 4 rooms, Minnie Lock, Head, Widow, Laundress



Thomas Passmore, Head, Mar, 40, Lime Burner

Limekiln House, Thomas Passmore, Head, 49, Limeburner


[After 38, and opposite Vinegar Hill] Barnstaple Street, >5 rooms, John Swain, Head, M, 56, Cordwainer

49.Barnstaple St, 4 rooms, Alfred Woolf, head, M, 31, Railway carman, worker



Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill is a narrow pedestrian thoroughfare, which formerly had houses both along it and in groups lying off it. The area had a very high turnover of occupants and, at times, it seems that the occupants did not all make census returns. Before house numbers were used it is very difficult to identify the route taken by the enumerating officer. At various times houses were demolished, further complicating the picture.









Frederick Rooke, 30, Ind

Thurza[?] Rook, unmarried, Dress Maker


1 Vinegar Hill, Cornelius Rook, Head, Married, 41, Painter



EN 63 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Augustin Rook, head, M, 38, Bargeman, worker





EN 162 Vinegar Hill, Hannah Fendon [or Fenclou], Wife (husband out at work), Mar, 34, Laundress

2 Vinegar Hill, Ann Laughran, Head, Widow, 38, Plain Worker


2 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Joseph Poole, Head, M, 55, General Labourer



John Meath, 20, Shipwright

George Johnson, Ship Builder's Labourer

EN 161 Vinegar Hill, James Blackmore, Head, Mar, 27, Ag Lab



3 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Mary Ann Williams, Head, single, 39, Laundress



Robert Samson, 55, Ag Lab

John Cawsey, Stone Mason (Journeyman)

1 uninhabited, between EN160 & EN161



4 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Alfred James Kevan, Head, M, 25, Agricultural Labourer




1 house uninhabited

EN 160 Susan Shutt, Wife, 26, Seaman's Wife + EN 159 Vinegar Hill, John Shutt, Head, Mar, 60, Mason  


1 Vinegar Hill, Edward Passmore, Head, Mar, 35, Genrl Labourer

Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Edward Passmore, Head, m, 44, ship porter (with a boarder) [likely here given the pattern of house visiting]





EN 158 Vinegar Hill, Thomas Lewis, Head, Mar, 26, Plumber &c


2 Vinegar Hill, Eliza Champion, Head, W, 33, Machinist Collar Factory

Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Eliza Champion, Head, Wid, 41 (with a boarder) [lcensus order suggests this is before no 2, but it fits better here]

EN 62 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, William Branch, head, M, 55, Corn Carter, worker


1 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, William Branch, Head, 65, Widower, Carter, Builder

Robert Sumacr, 20, Smyth

Thomas Matlow, Blackmith (Journeyman)

EN 157 Vinegar Hill, William Bird, Head, Mar, 50, Quay Porter

6 Vinegar Hill, James Tebay, Head, Mar, 33, Railway Lab

3 Vinegar Hill, Richard Slee, Head, Mar, 58, Railway Labourer

6 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, William Bread, head, m, 58, General Labourer, with a domestic servant


EN 61 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, William Brend, head, M, 67, [no occupation]


2 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Richard Branch, Head, 33, Married, Potter Earthenware

James Mock, 15, Shipwright

Thomas Brooks, Culm Miner

EN 156 Vinegar Hill, Harriet Rooke, Head, Wid, 62, Laundress

7 Vinegar Hill, Harriet Rook, Head, Widow, 73, Wares

4 Vinegar Hill, Cornelius Rook, Head, Mar, 37, Painter

7 Vinegar Hill, Selina L. Kevan, Head, Wid, 56, Laundress, self employed


EN 60 Vinegar Hill, 3 rooms, John Henry Croker, head, M, 38, General Labourer, worker


5 Vinegar Hill, 3 rooms, John Henry Crocker, Head, 45, Married, Horse Driver, Bideford NW Council

Phillip Rich[???], 35, Limeburner

Philip Richard, Bargeman

EN 155 Vinegar Hill, Betsey Johnson, Head, Wid, 61, Char Woman [at 20  Vinegar Hill, in 1871]

9 Vinegar Hill, John Bread, Head, Mar, 40, General Lab

5 Vinegar Hill, John Bird, Head, Mar, 49, Genrl Labourer

9 Vinegar Hill, >5 rooms, Thomas Mitchell, Head, m, 32, General Labourer


EN 59 Vinegar Hill, Thomas Mitchell, head, M, 42, Carter Corn, Worker


9 Vinegar Hill, 5 rooms, Thomas Mitchell, Head, 52, Married, Horseman, Coal & Timber Merchant

Geo Hunkerley, 55, Ag Lab

Ann Furzier, Widow, Charwoman

EN 154 Vinegar Hill, John Bunt, Head, Mar, Quay Porter






Richard [looks like Mlesh, but hard to read], Gardner

Richard West, Gardner (Journeyman), with one servant

EN 153 Vinegar Hill, James Harman, Head, Widr, 50, Lime Burners Lab (with Thomas Spearman, a boarder)

10 Vinegar Hill, James Harman, Head, Widower, 59, General Lab

6 Vinegar Hill, James Harman, Head, Widr, 92, Genrl Labourer

10 Vinegar Hill, >5 rooms, William Spearman, m, 52, General Labourer


10 Vinegar Hill, 10 rooms, Thomas Branch, Head, 28, Married, Tailor (Manufacture), Outfitter

Summer Clark, 70, Ind


EN 152 Vinegar Hill, Samuel Daniel, Head, Mar, 52, Sawyer

11 Vinegar Hill, Richard Bond, Head, Mar, 36, Mason, - Master -

7 Vinegar Hill, Richard Bond, Head, Mar, 46, Mason

11 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Richard Bond, Head, m, 54, Mason


EN 54 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Richard Bond, head, M, 64, Mason, own account

11 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Richard Bond, Head, 74, Married, Mason (Jobbing)

Henry Kingdom, 20, Labourer


EN 151 Vinegar Hill, Philip Richards, Head, Mar, 60, Quay Porter &c

12 Vinegar Hill, John Copp, Head, Mar, 39, Railway Lab

8 Vinegar Hill, Thomas Sudercock, Head, Mar, 42, Gardner

12 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, William Henry, Baker, Head, 24, Agricultural Storekeeper


EN 55 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Benjamin Jones, head, M, 39, General Labourer, worker



Thomas Poole, 65, Grocer[?]

James Harris, Fishmonger

EN 150 Vinegar Hill, James Harris, Head, Mar, 57, Fish Monger (note: with Jesse Harris, 22, Ship Builder's Ap)

13 Vinegar Hill, William Shute, Head, Married, 29, Rope Maker

9 Vinegar Hill, William Shute, Head, Mar, 39, Rope Maker

13 Vinegar Hill, >5 rooms, William Shute, Head, m, 48, Rope Maker


EN 56 Vinegar Hill, William Shute, Head, M, 58, Rope Maker, Worker



Phillip Mock, 25, Shipwright + John Chidley, 20, Shipwright


EN 149 Vinegar Hill, Thomas Brook, Head, Mar, 69, Gardner (note: with grandson Charles Brook, 17, a Ship Builders Ap)

14 Vinegar Hill, James Ellis, Head, Married, 48, Joiner

10 Vinegar Hill, unoccupied





James Redcliffe, 30, Joiner


EN 148 Vinegar Hill, John Daniel, Head, Mar, 21, Shipwright


11 Vinegar Hill, Charles Bushnell, Head, Mar, 54, Upholsterer






EN 147 Vinegar Hill, William Hopgood, Head, Mar, 38, Mariner


12 Vinegar Hill, Ann Pope, Head, W, Dressmaker






EN 146 Vinegar Hill, William Southern, Head, Mar, 56, Quay Porter


13 Vinegar Hill, Thomas Bissett, Head, Mar, 30, Genrl Labourer

14 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Joseph Bissett, Head, m, 37, General Labourer



12 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Agnes Bissell, Head, 51, Widow, Seamstress







EN 57 Vinegar Hill, James Oke, head, M, 30, Stonemason, worker

13 Vinegar Hill, 6 rooms, John Husband, Head, 35, Married, House Painter



EN 145 Vinegar Hill, Charles Lee, Head, Mar, 48, Quay porter




EN 58 Vinegar Hill, Fred Titheco Oke, Head, M, 42, Mineral Black Worker, worker

14 Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Tryphena Foley, Head, 43, Widow



EN 144 Vinegar Hill, Charlotte Palmer, Wife, Mar, 31, Boot Binder

19 Vinegar Hill, James Robins, Head, Mar, 30, Railway Labourer (with a Railway Labourer lodging)


19 Vinegar Hill, >5 rooms, Thomas Kevan, Head, M, 30, Town Car[f or j?]en


EN 53 Vinegar Hill, Thomas Kevan, head, M, 40, Army Pensioner


19 Vinegar Hill, 5 rooms, Thomas Henry Kevan, Head, 50, Married, Labourer (Stone Cracker) Bideford NW Council




20 Vinegar Hill, Betsy Johnson, Head, Widow, 71, Housekeeper (Limeburners Widow) + John Martin, Head, 44, Railway Labourer



EN 52 Vinegar Hill, John Trick, Head, M, 24, Shoreman (Manure), worker





EN 143 Vinegar Hill, Nicholas Mountjoy, Head, Mar, 42, Blacksmith

21 Vinegar Hill,  Michael Mountjoy, Head, Mar, 53, Blacksmith



EN 51 Vinegar Hill, Uninhabited, in occupation, W Wilton [no further details]

1 [sic 21?] Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, William P Issac, 55, Married, Horseman, Timber Merchant




22 Vinegar Hill, George Cruickshank, Head, Mar, 35, Mason



EN 50 Vinegar Hill, 3 rooms, Thomas Smallden, Head, 32, General Labourer, worker


2 [sic 22?] Vinegar Hill, 3 rooms, Thomas Smalldon, Head, 42, Married, General Labourer








3 [sic 23?] Vinegar Hill, 4 rooms, Edgar Foley, Head, 28, Married, Seafaring (Fisherman), Coasting Fishery


Springfield Terrace

There are no records for these properties prior to 1861











EN 122 Myrtleberry Cottage, George Doherty, Head, Mar, 55, Division Officer of Inland Revenue

1 Spring Gardens, George Doherty, Head, 33, Coal Dealer, with housekeeper

Springfield Cottage, John Fry, Head, Widr, 63, Retired Farmer, with one servant

Springfield House, >4 rooms, Harriet Squire, Head, Widr, 68, Living on own means

Harriet Squire, Head, Wid, 78, [no occupation]

Springfield House, 7 rooms, Robert Bond, Head, 45, Married, Merchant Clerk, General Building Stone Merchant


Not yet built

EN 121 Spring Garden, Samuel Sparsholt, Head, unmaried, Doctor of Medicine n[?]

2 Spring Gardens, uninhabited

1 Springfield Terrace, John Bartlett, Head, Unm, 62 Retired Farmer, with one servant

1 Springfield Terrace, >4 rooms, John Heard Powe, Head, M, 62, Living on own means

Mary Huxtable, Head, Wid, 60, Living on means


7 Springfield Terrace, 7 rooms, Mary Huxtable, Head, 70, Widow, Independant means


Not yet built

EN 120 Spring Garden, John Johnson, Head, Mar, 27, Ship Builder, with one servant

3 Spring Gardens, Thomas Ross, Head, 45, Railway Engine Driver

2 Springfield Terrace, George Leyton, Head, Mar, 37, Collector of HM Customs, with one servant

2 Springfield Terrace, >4 rooms, Caroline Ana Collier, Head, S, 62, Living on own means

Susan Heywood, Head, Wid, 50, Living on means


6 Springfield Terrace, 8 rooms, Susan Heywood, Head, 61, Widow, Independant


Not yet built

EN 119 Spring Garden, Samuel Short, head, mar, 32, Silversmith, with one servant

4 Spring Gardens, William Hawkins, Head, 53, Steam Packet (agent), with one servant

3 Springfield Terrace, Samuel Mills, Head, Mar, 70, Retired Oilman

3 Springfield Terrace, >4 rooms, Fred'k H Dalby, Head, M, 26, Clerk London & South W Raily

Wallace A Oates, Head, S, 35, Manager Provender Mills, worker

5 Springfield Terrace, 7 rooms, Thomas William Hobling, Head, 41, Married, Bank Cashier, Nat'l Prov'l Bank (with 2 servants)


Not yet built

EN 118 Spring Garden, John L Colquhern, head, mar, 25, Surveyor of Stamps and Taxes, Inland Revenue, with one servant

5 Spring Gardens, uninhabited

4 Springfield Terrace, Sarah Woolley, Head, W, 52, Retired Milliner, with one servant

4 Springfield Terrace, >4 rooms, Ralph Edwards, Head, M, 31, Commercial Traveller

Springfield Terrace, Robert Bond, Head, M, 33, Merchant's Clerk, worker

4 Springfield Terrace, 6 rooms, Frank Ernest Routley, 33, Married, Manager of Corn Seed and Manure Store


Not yet built

EN 117 Spring Garden, Ann Johnson, Head, Wid, 61, Annuitant, with one servant

6 Spring Gardens, uninhabited

5 Springfield Terrace, unoccupied, temporarily abroad

5 Springfield Terrace, unoccupied



3 Springfield Terrace, 6 rooms, Laurence Rorr, Head, 55, Married, Brewer's Manager


Not yet built

EN 115 Spring Garden, Mary Ann Lee, Head, Wid, 30, proprietor of Houses, with one servant and one lodger EN 116 Catherine Austin, Fem & Holder vc [occupation not clear]

7 Spring Gardens, Ann Westren, Head, Unmarried, 34, Annuitant

6 Springfield Terrace, William Pane, Head, Mar, 27, Independant Minister, with one servant

6 Springfield Terrace, unoccupied



2 Springfield Terrace, 7 rooms, John Isaac Baker, Head, 29, Married, Builder's Merchant (with 1 servant)


Not yet built

EN 114 Spring Garden, George Heard, Head, Mar, 40, Merchant (timber & general), with two servants

8 Spring gardens, uninhabited

7 Springfield Terrace, John Power, Head, Mar, 52, Retired Currier

7 Springfield Terrace, >4 rooms, Julia Westaway, Head, M, 38, Living on own means



1 Springfield Terrace, 6 rooms, Henry Archibald, Willet Huxham, Head, 42, Married, Dentistry & Dental Aneathatist, own account (with one servant)


1On Mar 6 1898, at 6 Barnstaple Street, the 8 month old daughter of “T and A Backway” died. [“Deaths” Bideford Weekly Gazette 15 March 1898 p5 c6]

2In 1890 a property in Barnstaple Street was sold in which Mrs Francis Squires and Mr Ellen were occupants. The Premises included a stone-masons yard.

3North Devon Journal , 28 Mar 1907, p1 c3

4A daughter was born to the wife of R Bettess, at 2 Canada Cottages, Barnstaple Street, on 17July 1904 [“Births” Bideford Weekly Gazette 26 July 1904 p5 c6]